Current make up favourites Under £5 – Spring 2012

Make up, maaake up, maaaaaaaaaaaake up! I’m a tad obsessed by the stuff. Not beauty blogger (bow down to them) obsessed but y’know normal-attitude-to-make-up-ish obsessed. You’ll often find me in Superdrug or Boots rubbing lipsticks and eyeliners on my hand.
I love expensive make up but I really only have it if I’m lucky enough to receive it for my birthday or Christmas. So I’m often to be found in a chemist swatching products from the more affordable make up lines in the quest for a bargain which really works.

Make Up Under £5

I’ve made a quick review video which I’ve embedded below or you can hop over to Thrifty Telly on YouTube if that is easier for you, however I’ve given a short review of each of my current favourites below.

Collection 2000 – Skyscraper Mascara in Ultra Black £4.99
Jebus, I love this stuff.  The brush has long bristles at one end and short at the bottom meaning you can really get in to the lower lashes and add to the top and outside lashes with real precision. It lengthens straight away but the precision brush really allows you to build up volume without looking clumpy. I’ve found the formula to be wet but not sloppy and it didn’t feel drying throughout the day which is really important to me because my eyelashes tend to feel brittle by the end of the day and droop which leaves smudges under my eyes.

Elf – Eyelid Primer in Sheer £1.50
Do you have oily eyelids like me? Doesn’t it make you feel beautiful and sexual huh? Mmmm greasy lids. Anyway, eye I find my eye shadows lasts around 0.3 seconds before sliding off and creasing without some kind of base layer or primer. I gave this a go because of the price and I’m incredibly impressed. It comes out of the tube looking a tad weird but blends and dries with a velvety fashion and some how, through £1.50 magic manages to keep my eyeshadow on all day. Pleasing.

NYC – Eyeshadow in I Love NY 917 £1.79
A great white/silver colour which is great added into the corner of my eyes to really open them up for a fresh, wide awake look. I’ve actually included this in my affordable make up giveaway.

Maybelline – Colour Tattoo 24 HR in Eternal Silver £4.99
I have these colour tattoos in 3 or 4 colours and I’m tempted to go out and buy them all and I’m really not that kind of person. They don’t budge, the blend well, the look great packed on as a solid colour and also as a top shimmery colour. I can’t get enough and use one every day.

Elf – Complexion Perfection £3.50
If you watch the video you’ll see that I originally hated this product but now I love it. I have extreme redness on my face, always have and always will so I’m on a constant quest to find the perfect product to tame it some how. This isn’t perfect but it certainly dulls it to an extent that my face doesn’t look like a strawberry within half an hour of applying a face full of foundation.

Do you use cheap make up? Which brands do you love? What are your current favourites for under £5? Feel free to include links and mini reviews in the comments because I have Boots vouchers to spend.


P.S. How was the long weekend at your end?


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  1. OOoooh I have to say I am 100% faithful to Collection 2000 Liquid Eyeliner, I have previously brought designer eyeliners and not one has stayed put as efficiently as Collection 2000. Also a brand that gets over looked (mainly because of the childlike styling) is Miss Sporty and they do a lovely light foundation that is not drying or cakey. Plus don’t forget Barry M for wild nail polish colours and effects, all of the above are under £5.00! x

  2. Yep I use ELF primer on my lids too. It works as well as Urban Decay at a fraction of the price.

  3. I can’t use anything with Revlon foundation s either. They’re good on their own but react badly with other products. On photos I looked like a Cullen!

  4. I got a nail varnish in Asda today for one whole british pound ! I kinda thought it would be a bit rubbish considering the price but it dries super quick and after 2 coats looked awesome! I will definitely be going back to pick up some more for that price!

  5. i love the MUA cosmetics in superdrug!

  6. Fab post, definitely plan on trying the eyelid primer as I find I have the same problem with eye-shadows creasing and coming off.
    from Mrs T

  7. Fab post, definitely plan on trying the eyelid primer as I find I have the same problem with eye-shadows creasing and coming off.
    from Mrs T

  8. Fab post, I’ll definitely be trying the eyelid primer as I have the same problem with eye-shadows creasing and coming off after a short time of wearing.

    Mrs T x

  9. Boots’ 17 Cosmetics range is pretty good for a more bargain range. They are doing quite a bit of product re-branding at the moment and if you have a Boots Advantage card it’s worth popping it in the machine as there have been a number of good vouchers recently for 17 cosmetics as they are trying to sell it through, so I have noticed :)

  10. All of my make-up is under £5 except my foundation which was £8. I like to save money too! :)
    Favourite things I’ve bought and used for under £5 was the “Face” powder from tesco which is their brand, the blush is pretty good too. I also really love The Natural Collection nail varnishes, they are 3 for £5 or £1.99 each, they have a lovely selection of colours and I like using the varnish. I will say that I didnt like their eyeliner though!
    I also shop at Avon. Anything I have bought from them has been under £5. I havent done a post yet but Im planning too!
    I am trying to save up to buy some different make up which isnt over £10, I’d like to experiment and try out a few new beauty products but at the moment I’m satisfied with my £5 or under bargains.
    I’m new to your blog but I’ve enjoyed reading it today :) Very helpful! x

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