Brilliant Bootsale Buys

Bootsale seasons is in full swing and we’ve hit a few over the weekends. Strangely, I’ve also come across a fair number of mid-week bootsales – I always thought they were a weekend thing, turns out not-s-much.  So I’ve been taking myself off on little bus and train trips to find some goodies.

Here are some of my favourite bootsale goodies from the past week or so.

The four items in the first photograph came to a total of £1.25 from the same seller. I’ve found myself starting a little collection of globes recently, there’s something about them which draws me in. This one isn’t vintage, in fact I think it is a smaller version of a John Lewis one I bought for my God Son, but for 50p I couldn’t say no. The candle sticks, ah the candle sticks. I’ve developed more than a collection of candle sticks, Mr Thrifty would call it an obsession – he can shut up. I can’t resist them, especially if they are coloured. Who doesn’t want a little forest of candlesticks dotted along a shelf?

old_mantle_clockThis gorgeous mantle clock was 50p. You read that right, 50p. Utterly crazy. Sure, it needs a good clean and a new key for winding but 50p? Aaaaaamazing. Isn’t she beautiful? I shall call her Cassandra.

This slice of kitsch-y Catholic fabulous-ness set me back a hefty £1.75. Cue sucky-teeth-builder-giving-a-quote noise. It is light as a feather and I feel the need to stick magnets to the back and have it cover up our ugly boiler but Mr Thrifty – he say no.

thrifted_cufflinksI picked up these cufflinks for Mr Thrifty for 25p. Everything on the stall was 25p, everything. So I picked up a fist full of necklaces and got the hell outta there with a commando roll before they realised their mistakes. I’ve found some amazing clothes and revamped my wardrobe for about £4.78 too, but I’ll share them with you soon.

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P.S. Have you had any good bootsale finds recently?

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  1. Funny,I snapped up the very same glass candlestick as yours in a boot sale the other day.Yours was more of a bargain though!
    We’ve been selling rather than buying of late due to a serious lack of dosh. :0)

  2. LOL I have found a brilliant mid week car boot near me which is fab! Got a lovely vintage plate for £1 last week now to get the hubby to hang it with my growing collection……

  3. I think midweek boot sales have cropped up for 2 reasons: 1) the recession as there are a lot of people about during the day and 2) the rainy weather over the last few weeks. The mahooooosive boot sale near us was cancelled 5 weeks in a row due to flooding. I have VERY high hopes for it this weekend. I am taking a trolley.

  4. As with LandGirl a lot of the bootsales around my way (Wilts) have been cancelled weekend upon weekend due to the rain :( But on my very first bootsale back in the UK (it’s just not the same in Greece!!) I got a bargain haul – clothes 20p each, a cat jigsaw puzzle 50p and a book for 25p. The other weekend I got a car vac for £1 – and it works wohooo!

  5. My mother used to collect those wooden deer, I always get quite nostalgic when I see them. The clock was a super bargain, I’d have snapped it up too in your place.

    Wish it would stop raining in Wales so I can go to some car boot sales, my local charity shops are sick of the sight of me rummaging now.

  6. Great buys, I so want a globe! I really regret not snagging one I saw in Bolton a few weeks ago. XO

  7. I NEED that Virgin Mary in my life! It’s to die for. So jealous.

  8. How we’ve been hunting for a globe for so long but they are all so expensive in all the antique malls and estate sales here!

  9. Cassandra is da bomb lol. I love that clock. I have a replica and my husband hates it because it has recorded chimes. One day, too may have a real Cassandra and not paid the £30 to £100 people want for them on Ebay.
    PS your icon is also tres chic

  10. My husband won’t let me have icons in the house either. Or owls. He says they judge him!! Haha!

  11. I love your finds, you always get the best things! I think your picture is St Therese of Lisieux- she’s who I took my confirmation name from (lapsed Catholic over here!)

    Maria xxx

  12. I love the globe! Been on the hunt for one for ages but not seen one as yet (Apart from one in an auction house which was silly money)
    I’m off to the car boot on Sunday, can’t wait… sticking to a very small budget though as payday looms! x

  13. I love everything you found especially that deer! its just like a chrome one i found in an after christmas sale the antlers look after my rings :D! i really want a rummage around a bootsale … but they seem to start and finish so early the one by me is on a friday my dad starts work at 6am so half 5ish he goes past and it is packed! yet completely gone by 10am… seriously i dont think i can cope with 5am start :|!

  14. I love car boots, the other week I came out with a polaroid camera from the sixties for £10 which I was really happy about because I loved it so much! I put some film in it and it still works too!

    My favourite boot sales are the ones with piles and piles of bric a brac or VHS tapes to rummage through. I love a good rummage! xo

  15. Love the globe, picked up one recently for the kids for a quid, the light works too! Midweek boot sales? Yes please!

  16. Love the globe, picked up one recently for the kids for a quid, the light works too! Midweek boot sales? Yes please!

  17. Ooh I’m so jealous of that clock find! It would look fantastic stripped down and re-painted

  18. i bought a green glass dressing table set at a car boot a few years ago, the candlestick is the same as mine

  19. :O I love love love the globe and the wooden stag! Absolute bargains! xx

  20. you did good! My fav is that little wooden stag. And Mid week boot sales? Well I never!

  21. Amazing finds Thrifty! That clock is a BEAUTY. and I’m glad I am not the only one who names inanimate yet FIT items.

  22. Mr T must be persuaded into allowing Mary to guard the boiler! The green candlestick looks like it’s from one of those 1930s dressing table sets.

  23. That clock was a great buy, and I love the globe! I’ve always wanted a globe. Need to get myself to a carboot sale, not been in ages.

  24. I love car boot sales. Even if I have to get up at stupid o’clock on a Sunday to go to them. But it’s worth it to get a bargain.

    Ah well, the early bird catches the worm, as they say.

  25. Lovely finds! I rather adore the globe & clock.

  26. Like you, I have a penchant for globes. I like to see how the world has changed, which countries have changes or been created – especially being from a Commonwealth country, there have been several changes there with various countries acquiring independence from the Commonwealth and in some instances having changed their country’s name. Absolutely fabulous finds and deals! I have been garage saling/flea marketing since quite young .. having learned from my parents. I have acquired some to this day, treasures that I continue to love and cherish. I’ve furnished several homes, stocked my library several times over (I’m a voracious reader and it’s so inexpensive to buy second hand books … one often finds great leather bound books, if not 1st edition, certainly limited! I’ve filled several closets over the years with beautiful clothing, handbags, shoes … it’s just a fun, interesting and often happily money saving way to furnish a home, clothe oneself and one’s family, fill a library with books, games, puzzles .. collect one’s particular form of treasures! Thank you for sharing your finds! oxox Care

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