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affordable_make_up_giveawayIn 2008 I joined a Flickr group, in doing so I set myself the challenge of taking a photograph every single day. That is harder than it sounds matey, much harder. But through some form of magic I managed to take and upload 366 photographs in just one year and loved the challenge. This month I’ve set myself the challenge to video blog, or vlog if you’re feeling fancy, on Thrifty Telly every day in May. Yes folks 31 days of me wittering on – will the fun ever end?

Anyway, my first vlog of the month was a drunken ramble and my second is the one below. In it I’m giving away 15 items of affordable make up from several different make up ranges and brands. I’ve collected them together over the last few months and I’m really excited about giving them away as a kind of a thank you for sticking with me over the years and as a hello to those joining me over on Thrifty Telly.

If you can’t watch the embedded version just hop over to Thrifty Telly and watch it there.

Here are a few snaps and links to the lovely bits and bobs I’m giving away.

make up giveawayELF Eyeshadow Brush
Collection 2000 Fat Lash Mascara (ULTRA BLACK)
ELF Mechanical Eyelash Curler
Accessorize Hot Smudge Duo (BACK STAGE) – currently half price in Superdrug
Sleek Kohl Eyeliner (BLACK)

win make up NYC Eyeshadow (917 I Love NY)
MUA Out There Plumping Lip Gloss  (PEACH SHIMMER)
Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish (DIVA CORAL)
MUA Blusher (SHADE 2)
VIVO Diamond Sparkle Lip Gloss (CANDY FLOSS)

make up giveaway 1ELF Nourishing Cuticle Pen
MUA Eyeshadow (SHADE 11)
2True Cheek ‘n’ lip tint
MUA Lipstick (SHADE 13)
2True Eye Dazzler (No.10)

If you’d like to win all of that just watch the video to see how, comments on my blog cannot be counted for this giveaway so please do make sure you’re entering properly.



P.S. Good luck!

P.P.S. Please do double check the video for method of entry as comments on this blog post cannot be counted.

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  1. Count me in please!!! Subscribed & commented here my love. AND watched your drunkeness. AGAIN. Best bit? “I’m going to put this on eBay…eBay?? *giggle giggle*

  2. I just subsribed!!!!! I am not sure what that means, but my daughter and I would love to share out your goodies,

  3. I have just subscribed, I am not even sure what that means, but my daughter and I would love to share your goodies,

  4. i subscribed hurrah (youtube name dfa797979) lovely lovely. you can contact me at xx

  5. I’m not entering as I’m not a make up wearer, although I do like my nail varnish. You are really generous giving all this away hun! Bless you :)
    x x x

  6. Hi hun,

    Your parcel arrived today. That you so much they are stunning. I had to fight my daughter off running away with them, bless her.

    X x

  7. Lovely collection and goodluck to those enetering. Will you be so kind as to let me know where you bought the VIVO lip gloss. I ran out of mine not so long ago and can’t seem to find it anywhere so am using NYC.

  8. I’ve subscribed! Thanks for doing this give away, it could be a God send to win that lot because my make up bag is a flippin disgrace!! x

  9. Good luck to all those who enter. What a great and generous giveaway! Not entering myself because I really don’t like/get along with video posts but so nice of you to do this fir your readers. x

  10. I’ve just subscribed & watched your drunken post – hilarious! Amazing giveaway x

  11. I’ve already subscribed. What a nice prize. Loving the videos, especially the drunken post!

  12. Yesssss. So glad you will be doing lots of vlogging! :) I’d be quite happy if Thrifty Telly was on 24hrs a day. Better than most of what’s on TV!


  13. yay! thanks for the giveaway :)

  14. i just stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago and i can’t stop reading! i think you are great! video is adorable :-)

  15. Hi
    Just found your channel and really great some great tips with the silver
    i have joined you via google yasminec9, not sure why comments come up as beano54
    signed up for email newsletter
    joined youytube channel username is beenu54
    some fab products
    thank you

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