How to store & organise your duvet cover sets

how to organise & store duvet cover sets
The key to organisation is keeping like with like and that key tip doesn’t go out of the window when it comes to duvet covers etc.
No one really enjoys changing the duvet (do you, DO YOU?) but sleeping in clean sheets is one of the simplest pleasures ever. Here’s how to make storing and changing your duvet sets that bit easier.
duvet organisation
Got matching pillow cases and duvet cover? Bung the whole set into one pillow case and you’re done. Yup that’s it, simple as that.
organising duvet covers
Set aside one pillow case which matches/goes with your duvet case, fold up your duvet cover, fold up the remaining pillow cases and even sheets if you want and put them inside that one pillow case that you set aside earlier.
folded duvet set
When it comes to changing your duvet, all you have to do is reach into the cupboard (or where ever you store them), pick the design you want to use and you have an entire set to hand in one easy go. Sometimes I like to mix and match but it still makes sense to store them this way because you always know where everything is.
organise your duvet cover sets
I’ll do anything to spend longer drinking gin.

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P.S. No, I do NOT iron my bed linen.

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  1. What a clever idea,I think I will start doing that xx

  2. I’ve just shared your idea with my husband, he said you also gain pillows doing it like that !!

  3. Oh my God!! I do this already, does this mean I am Luke Skywalker to your Obi Wan or Yoda, and you have taught me well?? (Please note I’ve never seen Star Wars so if I’ve got the references wrong, apologies!)

  4. here’s a towel trick – roll them into tubes, like you did when you went to the baths. you can pull anyone out of the cupboard and the rest will stay put – love froogs xx

  5. Love this!
    I do something similar with my jimjams as I hate not Bering able to find the matching top – fold the legs together of the bottoms (long ways) fold the top in half longways lay on top and fold over twice (hope this makes sense) this makes neat little squares and saves room in my drawers too :) I’m sure this isn’t revolutionary but it sure beats standing dripping wet in a towel tryin to find a top and bottoms for bed!

  6. Genius,will be doing this. Great idea,My airing cupboard s a mess,it will save so much time in the long run,thanks.juliex
    I dont iron my bedding either πŸ˜‰

  7. Yay I totally do this! Does that mean I can call myself a housewife officially now?! :)

  8. Oh my, that is your best tip ever, why has that never occured to me? Genius, thanks, will set about the airing cupboard this weekend! :)

  9. Such a clever idea, but I vaccum seal the majority of mine due to having heaps of vintage sheets and barely any storage space.. I learnt my lesson not to scorn my other half for buying you vaccum pack seal bags for Christmas, they were the best present ever! πŸ˜€

  10. I don’t iron mine either, but I do iron the pillow cases, I can’t help it, I love them more that way… :)

  11. Another great idea. I find my bed sheets take up loads of space when I store them so will definitely be giving this a go :) xx

  12. So simple but I imagine will be hugely effective- I’m going to try this! Thanks Mrs Thrifty!

  13. I don’t know how your mind works but I think you are a genius. I was thinking about how annoying our bed linen stash was the other day but this never occurred to me. I’m off to carry out this tip *right now*.

  14. What a great idea – everything usually falls out my cupboard when I try to get the covers and pillow cases out! Thank you for the tip!

  15. Now why didn’t I think of that! Because I’m not as blooming clever as you,that’s why.
    Brilliant idea! :0)

  16. I never really comment on the blogs I follow but I’ve been addicted to yours for a while now, and this post finally compelled me to comment – I don’t know how you do it but you continuously *blow my mind* with these tips that make such a difference, but are so simple! How did none of us ever think of this ourselves?! You’d think I’m exaggerating but I am being deadly serious πŸ˜€ Anyway, thanks again for all the problem solving, looking forward to your next miracle!

  17. I started doing this a few weeks ago and it makes so much sense! Everything is together where I need it and my Linen cupboard now looks so much tidier :-)

  18. Isn’t a definition of genius somebody who comes up with the very most simple solutions, but that nobody else has come up with? I so often see your blog and think “Duhhh! Why didn’t I think of that before?”. Thanks for the many tips!

  19. Anonymous says:

    I have stored my bedding like this for years! It’s the most organised shelf in the house. Trying to sort the rest of the house in a similar order.

  20. That is actually brilliant going to do this at the weekend should have more romm in airing cupboard afterwards! Thankyou.

  21. What a brilliant idea!!!!!!

  22. Love it. Shall be applying forthwith!
    I can combine it with the fitted sheet trick I first saw on Anthea Turner (don’t hate me!!)
    This video illustrates it beautifully:
    However it does worry me a tad when she says:
    “One of the biggest challenges in your life you’re gonna face is folding a fitted sheet…”

  23. I love this idea! I don’t have any cupboard space so I have storage boxes under the bed each with a complete set in. I then rotate so they don’t sit there for weeks…… I’m bedlinen queen & have far too many sets, years of working in Habitat & buying them cheap! :) xx

  24. Oh my goodness this is the best tip EVER! Need to get organised now lol! I LOVE your blog, so many handy tips! xx :o)

  25. How do you manage to be so deliciouisly simply organised? AND you are a plus size charity shop fashion guru. I feel like I should bow in your blog’s presence! Zoe xxx
    Ps i’ve added your blog to my blogroll, hope that’s ok…

  26. Ingenious idea. Now I’ve just got to locate our various bed linen from the 3 cupboards they’re in and sort them out!
    (I don’t iron ours either)

  27. Great idea! It’s so simple, I can’t believe I’ve never thought of it before.

  28. An excellent idea! Especially as our bedding is stores on the roof of our wardrobe (no storage built into this rental property)and getting linen down means climbing on the bed and rather r idiculous balancing!

  29. Brilliant! I have started this method of keeping our bed sets and it’s so easy and organised!

  30. What I like about girls bedding sets are comfortable texture. My mom always buy cotton sheets because she know how we are very sensitive with bed sheets.

  31. Sweet Jesus why did I never think of this! Duh! Thanks!

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