Favourite Hair and Beauty Buys Under £5 – Spring 2012

budget_beauty_buysWhilst I love to make my own hair and beauty products, my awful hair and skin require some hardcore professional action before I’ll even dare to leave the house. What with me being a scrimp-a-holic and all that I obviously take a frugal view when it comes to the beauty products I buy.

Here are my-

  favourite best hair and beauty buys for under £5

Phil Smith Long Locks Conditioner – My hair has been in terrible condition lately due to my medication but this has soothed it nicely. I picked it up in Sainsbury’s when it was on offer, I’m looking forward to trying out more of the Long Locks side of this range.

Witch Hazel – It makes the perfect, cheap toner. I loved it for years then stopped using it for a while in favour of other products but I’m back on it because it works better than anything else and is really refreshing.

Superdrug Aqua Hydrating Serum*  – I can get horrid dry patches on my face toward the end of a foundation wearing day. I’ve been trying this out for three weeks and after a week or so those dry patches just stopped happening. Magic perhaps?


Boots All in One Cuticle Remover – Now, this is odd. I’ve been able to find this in Boots stores itself up until very recently but I can’t find it online. However I have been able to find it on eBay for £1.49 (plus p&p) or 4 of them for under a fiver including p&p. Bargain for such an amazing can’t-live-without-it product.


Superdrug Vitamin E Body Butter* – They bill this as 12 hour moistrisation but I beg to differ – for the positive. It lasts much longer on my dry skin.

What are your current favourite hair and beauty buys for under £5? Share below please because I love a bargain. Please save your make up recommendations for now, we’ll get on to those another time.

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P.S. When will it stop raining, whhheeeeeeen?

P.P.S. *Products marked with a star were sent to me by the respective PR team for consideration. Whilst I’m sent them to consider, I am under no obligations to review any of the products I’m sent and my opinions remain 100% honest.



  1. I love witch hazel too. So useful!

  2. Which hazel & vitamin e are my staples too. I spesh love Body Shop Vit E oil – I stock up when it is on offer.

    Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain = yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn.

  3. I have only used witch hazel on my lady area post babies (sorry tmi) do you mix it with water? Tell me more please Mrs T x

  4. I favour Nivia moisturiser. Used it for years.

    I have dyed hair and my hairdresser has been selling me her special shampoo and conditioner for quite a few years now. Only the other day when the shampoo ran out I realised I was wasting my money (each bottle is over £10) because I don’t ‘do’ my hair every day. I wash it every two or three days and then brushing is the only thing I do to it until the next wash. Why do I need expensive hair products in that case? I’m going to try the Phil Smith products instead. Thanks. :D

  5. Hey!
    I explain how to use it in the video but nope I don’t dilute it.

  6. I use Philip smith for curly hair and buy it when it’s on offer! I will give the witch hazel a go thanks for the tips.

  7. I so LOVE these videos!!!! Could we have a make up one, please. I love Rimmel lipsticks, Long Lasting in Asia. At the weekend I bought some Chanel foundation and the Chanel lady commented on how lovely it was. And errrr £20 less than a Chanel one!!!! Also Barry M nail polish. All the on trend colours for £2.99. I have used Superdrug vitamen e body cream for 18 years, Eeek, will defo try the body butter now tho, I stock up when it goes on sale.

  8. For the more ‘mature’ of us readers (in age that is, not behaviour!) I would recommend the ‘New Vosene Activating Shampoo’ (about £3?) Its great at reactivating my dormant curls.

  9. Thrifty I’m LOVING these videos!! And I’ve got to tell you this my 5 month old baby boy does too!! Honestly I can put him infront of the computer in his swing and he is glued to your video all the way through! Once it finishes he crys so I put it on again and he’s happy!!! Better than anything on the tv for him! More please!! xx

  10. The Boots Botanics range is my fave for under a fiver, the cranberry scrub is amazing and the oil-based makeup remover is really great as well. Jergens for hand cream. Barry M nail polishes and MUA lipsticks are bargaintastic as well.

  11. I’ve grown up with Witch Hazel so I’d never forgoe it! x

  12. I love Boots Ingredients Coconut and Almond shampoo.

    I bought it ‘accidentally’ because I needed something cheap to get my online shop over £40 to qualify for free delivery and I’d spent £39.99.

    I love coconut fragrance and the shampoo leaves my hair really soft. It’s just increased in price to £1.29 for 300ml.

  13. Almond oil is my top top. I buy from my local chemist and use as a make up remover, moisturiser for face, hands, feet and body and put on my hair on occassion.

  14. Aldi antiaging serum and night cream bith ubder a fiver and got rave reviews of the fashion press and i have to say i agree

  15. I kept meaning to get witch hazel, I didn’t know they sold it at Sainsburys, I’ll have to check it out! http://www.teaforowls.blogspot.co.uk/ xxx

  16. great post i shall keep a look out for these

  17. Great video! I was going to say almond oil too. I LOVE it. x

  18. I have just popped to Superdrug to get some Witch hazel after reading this :) Had a look for the serum too but its a small Superdrug and they don’t have it!

  19. I really like Witch Hazel. I also use tea tree oil diluted in a little warm water as toner!

  20. I must be lucky, or askin flint. I use tesco value shampoo and conditioner, I stocked up and have a year’s worth. I use aldi moisturiser, soap and water to cleanse, apricot scrub from savers for £1, cold cream from boots for 1.99 and it lasts for years

    • But that is the thing isn’t it? Not all of us are lucky to have nowt but water and washing up liquid work for us. A lot of these products are less than £3 they’re a great alternative to products which cost £30.

  21. Thank you for reminding me about witch hazel. Used it lots in my youth then forgot about it. Since hitting 30 my skin thinks it’s a spotty teenager again so will have to buy again.

  22. Vaseline – Most pound shops sell giant tubs off the stuff.

    1. A overnight pedicure. Cover you tired cracked feet in vaseline and pop in some odd cotton socks before bed. Wake up with lovely soft feet and no mess as the vaseline will absorb into the socks.

    2. Use vaseline as a base for lipglosses to make them last longer.

    3. When dyeing hair smother vaseline around yor hairline to easily remove hair dye marks.

    4. Dye patches of facial skin…smoother in vaseline and leave over night.

  23. Oh and lavender oil is only about 99p on ebay and is a cheap alternative to bubble bath. Just pop a few drops in a warm bath and a wee bottle lasts months!

  24. I’ve also been really impressed with the Superdrug vitamin E range. My favourite from the range is the hot cloth cleanser, it really leaves your skin silky soft.

  25. This is such a good, helpful post! Thanks so much for sharing all of these with us! :) xo


  26. Have you tried Almond oil for your hands? It makes them uber soft if you wear cotton gloves and leave overnight. It works out about a quid for the cotton gloves out of savers and £1.59 for the bottle of oil and it lasts ages!!! Ohh I bought some of the items you mentioned and I now cannot wait to try them out!!! Witch Hazel is £1.49 in savers as well. So thank you for the heads up. You can also buy muslin cloths out of home bargains to wash your cleanser off and it makes you skin fell really nice to, these only cost 69p each and I always bag a couple!!

  27. Great post/video. Will try the serum and long locks conditioner, but I’ve always hated witch hazel – think it must be the smell that I find so objectional.

  28. my favourite under a fiver product is baby lotion- I use it to take off my eye make up, and nothing seems to work like it, but it’s gentle on my so very sensitive skin.

  29. Most Boots 17 mascaras are on offer for £4 each at the moment and they’re really good, espcially Falsifye, which competes with Max Factor’s False Lash Effect and is less than half the price (in this current offer).

  30. Most Boots 17 mascaras are on offer for £4 each at the moment and they’re really good, espcially Falsifye, which competes with Max Factor’s False Lash Effect and is less than half the price (in this current offer).

  31. I too prefer Vaseline for chapped lips over any other product.

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