Lomography Diana F+ Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. The winner was announced here.

As you may have read, I recently broke my beloved DSLR (actually more accurately the wind broke my beloved DSLR) so when the the folks over at Lomography offered me a Diana F+ camera to play around with I lept at the chance to get creative.
Diana F+ Giveaway
They sent me over a CMYK Diana F+  to play around with and I’m in love, it’s official Diana and I are running away to woods to get married, the sexy little wench. It has been a long time since I’ve played around with an analogue camera but it is strangely liberating. I won’t deny that I love the sheer ease of being able to take a million photos and delete them on digital cameras and mobile phones, but there is something special about not quite knowing how those snaps are going to turn out. And collecting them from the shop then passing the prints around your friends is so much fun too, I miss prints.

I’ve played about with Lomography looks on lots of photo developers so I’m really excited to see how my photos will turn out – I promise to do a whole post dedicated to them soon. I’m excited to see what they look like.

Lomography Giveaway

I have to admit because of the delicious toy camera look and light weight feel, I’m almost tempted just to carry around this baby purely as a fashion statement even when it doesn’t have film in it – like a total hipster geek. I won’t, I promise.

Ummm, you sexy little thing Diana. Your colours are beautiful and just the letters CMYK around your lens, (which is deeply entrenched in my head as standing for cyan, magenta, yellow and key), along with your gorgeous little shape and big fat, pink detachable flash, plunges me straight back into the darkrooms heavily scented with processing chemicals of my A Level Photography years. Swoon-a-rama.

To win your own Lomography Diana F+ camera enter my giveaway below. Good luck my little thriftsters, good luck.

To enter you must - 
1. Leave a comment on this post - including your email address in the text.

Optional extra entries by no means obligatory, however each one gains you an extra entry – please leave an separate comment for each.

2. Tweet the following phrase (please leave your twitter handle in your comment) ‘I’ve put my name in the hat to win a brand new @lomographyuk camera with @athriftymrsuk http://tinyurl.com/858ob4m

3. Follow A Thrifty Mrs via Bloglovin’ 

4. Blog about this giveaway on your own blog. Please leave a link.

The very important small print – please read
Terms and conditions – in entering you agree to these T&Cs.
In entering this competition (and as such providing your email address) you agree that Lomography may send you promotional emails, however they will not share your details with anyone else and you are free to unsubscribe from their list at any time. 

The first step is compulsory, those after are optional but require the compulsory first step to be completed first. You must leave a separate comment for each step. Email entries and those not complying to these guidelines will not be considered valid entries.

This giveaway will run from 14:00 (GMT) 16/03/12 until 14:00 23/03/12 and will be drawn shortly after at random and announced at a later date on athriftymrs.com

 Good luck!
And even if you don’t win you can get some pretty good deals over on the Lomography website at the moment. 
A pretty amazing Diana F+ CMYK bundle at a great price.
And if you join the Lomography community you automatically get 10 Piggy Points (£10) which you can spend on anything in the online store.

Oh, oh, oh check out all of the different colour Diana cameras you can get. Uh-maze.

Disclosure – I was sent a free camera and film from the peeps at Lomography but have not been paid to write this post.


P.S. Good luck, gooood luuuuck, goooooooooo luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccck!

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  3. Left a Twitter note as well :)

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  6. I follow you on bloglovin : )

  7. I have also tweeted! (shazzle01)

  8. That is one pretty camera! I’ve always wanted to use an analogue camera, and this is the perfect excuse to enter, awesome giveaway! xD ([email protected])

  9. That is one pretty camera! I’ve always wanted to use an analogue camera, and this is the perfect excuse to enter, awesome giveaway! xD ([email protected])

  10. @LittleChicken89 :)

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  12. I’d love to win! I’ve tweeted about it too @HandmadebyEmily

    Emily x

  13. D’oh, I forgot to add my email address. It’s handmadebyemily[@]hotmail.co.uk

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  19. I’ve wanted one of these cameras forever!!! My email is theheadlessmannequinblog[at]gmail.com! Fingers and toes crossed :)

  20. I twittered too @beccaspeaks

  21. I would love to win this camera. I have a vintage collection, and this one although not vintage would just add some much needed color and flair. My email address is carolanncdematos{at}gmail{dot}com. You can also find me over at http://www.wonderpuggraphics.com.

    PS> I also tweeted this contest because I just had to share something this good with mis amigos!

  22. I actually have a collection of vintage cameras, and although this camera is not vintage per say it will add some much needed color and flair to my collection! My email is [email protected]. You can also find me at http://www.wonderpuggraphics.com.

    PS> I also tweeted this because I needed to share a contest this good with all mis amigos!

  23. Have tweeted as well (@NicsNotebook) x

  24. I’ve also included it on my blog: http://dannithegirl.blogspot.com/2012/03/boot-iful.html

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  31. Done, done and done! Just tweeted (@HeyNiceCardigan) and posted on my blog here: http://heynicecardigan.blogspot.com/2012/03/win-diana-f-camera-with-thrifty-mrs.html

    Its so pretty!

    Amy Xxx

  32. Done done and done! Have posted on my blog here: http://heynicecardigan.blogspot.com/2012/03/win-diana-f-camera-with-thrifty-mrs.html and tweeted (@HeyNiceCardigan) too. Its so pretty!

    Amy Xxx

  33. Oo, it’s prettty :)

    justlistenblog [at] hotmail.co.uk

  34. Tweeted as well @justlisten_blog

  35. I’ve just tweeted as @FHCShopping

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  37. Wow such a great giveaway! Please count me in! :)


  38. I also put a pic and link to your giveaway on my blog’s sidebar, you can find it under “giveaways” here:


  39. I have also tweeted :) @ladybugsays

  40. Heelloooo! I would like to enter this giveaway please!! Thanking you, Woman of Thrift! xxx

    Louise – Sprinkle of Glitter x

  41. followed you on bloglovin (although i will admit i don’t really understand it)

  42. tweeted too, ain’t i good! @dinoprincesschr

  43. linked your giveaway in this blog post right here – http://dinoprincesschar.blogspot.com/2012/03/of-all-gin-joints-in-world.html :)

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  49. Ooh, put me in!

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  51. Fab giveaway!

    Sscarllet (at) aol (dot) com

  52. Please enter me :)

    emmalyskava (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk

    ta very much.

  53. And I’ve just tweeted! @floralfeather

  54. I’d love to win :]

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    Jannaire xo

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  59. TOTES amazeballs giveaway!!! Count me in Mrs… COUNT.. ME… IIIIIIIIIN!!!!

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  61. A thrifty mrs as you are aware I’m a little bit (ok so a lot) in love with this camera cxxxxx

  62. … and i have tweeted about this competition! my twitter name is @ChloThoBo

  63. … and I follow you on bloglovin :) xx

  64. amazing giveaway, please add my entry :) blueglitter@gmail.com thank you

  65. lois.mayhew@gmail.com

    I want I want!! x

  66. The colours on the camera are so cool!!


  67. And I follow you on bloglovin :)

  68. Oooh I’d love to play around with this! alexmeyers@hotmail.co.uk x

  69. Following you on bloglovin’ too! x

  70. And tweeted the giveaway :) @alexmeyers_

  71. Rio carlin-Rosanio says:
  72. Wow. Love this camera but also love your blog which I have just found!
    Not sure how I got here, but glad I did xx

  73. I love your blog and I love your pics and I feel your pain at the death of your DSLR (mine plunged from a great height off a hook on a toilet door in Nara, Japan…fortunately only the lens was smashed. Fortunately. Only.) I will be interested to see how your pics turn out as I sold all my Lomos and accessories cos I was so disappointed in how the pics turned out. I was hoping for a return to retro-tastic 70′s pics from when I was a child, but…my first and only film turned out pretty much blank on the Diana. Fisheye wasn’t bad though. And now I will shut up…rainy day inside in Tokyo, so am babbling.

  74. wow! such an exciting prize :) wardrobeblock@gmail.com

  75. also, I follow you on bloglovin

  76. Ooh, fab giveaway! :) bonjourbecky@yahoo.co.uk

  77. I tweeted too! @bonjourbecky

  78. oooh, I’d die for a Diana! octoberish@gmail.com

  79. Count me in Mrs Thrifty.

  80. Hi Thrifty Mrs, great blog post about this GORGEOUS Camera! I am in love! I will look fab walking around my craft fair snapping pictures of everyone with this ultra ms sexy Diana. mail@getthrifty.co.uk (Twitter: @getthriftycouk)

  81. Hi Thrifty mrs, A great blog about this GORGEOUS Lomography Diana F+ I am in LOVE. I would look super fab/cool walking around my craft fairs snapping pictures of everyone using this ultra sexy/fun camera. mail@getthrifty.co.uk (Twitter; @getthriftycouk)

  82. wow I really really want Diana. bloglovin you

  83. This is such a great giveaway! I’d love to win, my email is gmhmeredith@gmail.com and I follow you on bloglovin :) xxx

  84. annette says:

    This sounds to good to be true please let it be me …annette666@hotmail.com…………………….xxyour blogs are great …………………………………….xx

  85. Oooh, this is lovely! What a great giveaway!

    Catherine, XO.

  86. Love this giveaway! Your blog and thrifty tips are fab! X

  87. SAAAAAY WHAAAAAT???????? A bloomin fabby rooney giveaway if ever I saw one! Put me in the draw pretty please and I will cross my fingers and dream about owning such a camera….my life would be complete.
    Thankyou for such a fantastic chance……whoop.
    Am a follower .
    And shall tweet @florenceandrose.


  88. Wow! This is an awesome give away, have had my eye on one of these but never had the funds!


    (have also tweeted @lottipop) xxxx

  89. Anonymous says:

    Wow. That is all. Speechless in awe.


  90. Hey there!

    Please count me in :)


  91. Wow! The bright camera has been on my wish list for ages!

    I am at: birrellvATgmail.com & I tweeted your link from @miss_birrell

    Thank you

  92. I am going to read PROPERLY (I got too excited), my first comment has my email in (birrellv etc..) and THIS comment is for my twitter entry please!!

  93. I’ve wanted one of these for so long, I would LOVE to win =D

  94. I tweeted too, I’m @xrebel_angelx

  95. And I follow on Bloglovin’ =D

  96. Gaaaaaaaaah…..!!!!

    That’s all!


  97. Oh wow lovely camera! Love my DSLR but would be so excited to experiment with this! tj.girl@hotmail.co.uk

  98. Also I follow on bloglovin! xx

  99. OH NOES! Too many other people want The Pretty. I would love it a lot. Umm…that’s all I’ve got. Just love and a pair of docs it would match quite well.

    sianyb at mac.com (I also tweeted it: @sianbevan)

  100. Oooooh – this looks fab! I’d love to have a play with it. I’m trying to teach myself better photo skills at the moment, but I totally agree that I miss the days of dropping a film off and picking up *actual* photo’s!
    Fingers crossed!

  101. ooooh what I would do to get my hands on this beauty!! It looks amazing! I am just using my Iphone for pics and its crap! I have noticed I am taking loads more pics these days since starting my blog.Its been many years since I have used a camera where you collect the prints from the shop so excited you have to look at them there and then,this is bringing back memories :)I never even knew they made cameras this stylish these days! awesome x
    twitter- mollyjanevtg

  102. ooooh what I would do to get my hands on this beauty!! It looks amazing! I am just using my Iphone for pics and its crap! I have noticed I am taking loads more pics these days since starting my blog.Its been many years since I have used a camera where you collect the prints from the shop so excited you have to look at them there and then,this is bringing back memories :)I never even knew they made cameras this stylish these days! awesome x

  103. twitter- mollyjanevtg

  104. Ooooooo, what a fabulous competition!!

    Twitter: KittyBonkers
    Email: emo_kitty_wants_milk[at]hotmail.co.uk

    Kitty xox

  105. lianlko says:

    Ah! I LOVE you! I’ve been trying to save up money to get a lomo camera and now I have a chance to get one for free? You are to best! I absolutely love LOMO!

    Email: lyon_ko@yahoo.com.hk
    -Main Entry.

  106. lianlko says:
  107. This is a lovely camera and thankyou for doing a giveaway.
    I already follow you.
    Tweeted (klaudimaj)

  108. lianlko says:
  109. Love your blog!Love the camera! Recently started following on blog lovin!

  110. I’m new to twitter but tweeted anyway :) @leeleelaboeuf

  111. lianlko says:

    Entry #4
    I followed you!
    (but with a different email address :lifreemon@gmail.com)

  112. Fabulous giveaway, I’ve had a couple of competition wins in the last few days so I’m hoping my luck will continue :)

    cupidsbow at hotmail.co.uk

  113. I’ve tweeted :)

    cupidsbow at hotmail.co.uk

  114. And I’ve followed on Bloglovin’ :)


    cupidsbow at hotmail.co.uk

  115. That camera is PERFECTION!!x


  116. what a wonderful and colorful prize!

    email: gemmahendry@live.co.uk

  117. Jo Kiely says:

    Oh yes please!!!!! Count me in!!!! AMAZING giveaway!!!



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    I am already following on Bloglovin!!!!!


  119. Jo Kiely says:

    I have tweeted!!!! @JoKiely

  120. Awesome giveaway!


  121. I’ve tweeted it also – @cosmicpinay80


  122. I’m following you on Bloglovin’ now.


  123. I haved lusted over one of these for months, tried to buy one and seller had sold out, so a disappointed me.
    Johanna x

  124. This Diana is so cute! Love the colour scheme. i_see_the_purple_monkey@hotmail.com

  125. i have wanted one of these cameras for ages :)

  126. I’m joining this fabulous giveaway!


  127. I have tweeted it also at @cosmicpinay80


    I hope this shows up. My first comment won’t show.

  128. ooh what a wonderful prize! Lovely! ms.cate@gmail.com xx

  129. Anonymous says:

    What a gorgeous camera – as colourful as my No. 2 daughter about to start photography at College this year. Indeed, as colourful as yourself!

    Kim (chris.daltrey@hotmail.co.uk)

  130. Awesome giveaway :) I’d always loved to have a lomography.. amazing<3


  131. Followed you on bloglovin’

    mine is mainelaine.blogspot.com

    <3 :)

  132. Oh I’d LOVE to win one of these!!! madewithluna@yahoo.com

  133. I’ve tweeted about it too! @madewithluna

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  135. Anonymous says:

    eeeee yes! please enter me wagenrox@hotmail.com exciting exciting!

  136. i’ve followed on bloglovin as well :) tinkerbell-ellie@hotmail.co.uk

  137. Would love to win! cupcakeyeahbabay@hotmail.co.uk

  138. rebeccadearman@googlemail.com
    I’d love to win – then again, so would everyone!

  139. I’ve been thinking of getting one of these camera’s for a while now – they’re gorgeous. My email is iheartcupcakes@hotmail.co.uk
    Looking forward to seeing what you have taken pics off – your photos always put a smile on my face :)

  140. oh and I’ve tweeted – @annecupcake

  141. Tip top giveaway! gillin@btinternet.com @tall_rich

  142. I am loving this blog… Loving the comp & loved seeing you on my telly box too!!! kathrynmelkuhn@yahoo.com x x x Good luck to meeeeee!!! x x x

  143. I love this blog!!! Love the competition… Oh and I loved seeing you on my telly box too!!! I do love a but of thrifty goodness!!! kathrynmelkuhn@yahoo.com x x x Good luck to meeeee!!! x x x

  144. I have tweeted you too!! Wooo go me!! *does winning dance*

  145. I can’t blog mention you as I have a blog but I am rubbish… All it has at the moment is a name!!! :/

  146. Eeeeeep… Following you on BlogLovin now too!!! :P

  147. It’s so darn lovely. I would love to win such a pretty thing. Thank you for an awesome giveaway!

  148. I’ve tweeted too! (m_heart_m)

  149. Hi, love to enter. I had a voucher for lomography camera but gave to charity so I’d love to have a crack at winning it. :-) Also tweeted. sian.kneller@gmai.com

  150. I also already follow you on bloglovin :) xx

  151. Great giveaway, Diana looks amazing, and the weather outside is so nice atm it would be a pity not to take lots of pictures:)

  152. I have tweeted the giveaway as @claire_trevor

  153. I am following via bloglovin.

  154. ‘I’ve put my name in the hat to win a brand new @lomographyuk camera with @athriftymrsuk http://tinyurl.com/858ob4m ‘ I’m loving this camera it’s such a cool design – 5 years in uni studying photography, but still loving film. Thanks athriftymrsuk. Love from twitter UltimateDrifter email is dotty407@hotmail.com

  155. Enter me please :) MISSbarbii3@hotmail.co.uk


  156. Perfect giveaway! I was hoping to have a few Lomography cameras at my double wedding in September, a DIY photobooth thingy! This would start my collection off nicely.


    p.s I follow your blog too via Google Connect.

  157. Such a pretty camera. I love Lomography!! :)

    & I follow via bloglovin’!


  158. Oh my, how i would love to own a Diana! Lovely giveaway, add me to the hat please :)


  159. Eleanor says:

    Wow this is a very pretty camera!! Fingers crossed for meeeeee! :-) drummer_girl_123@hotmail.com

  160. I LOVE this camera – the colours are amazing in itself! my address is grace.loughrey1@gmail.com :)

  161. Lovelovewantwantneedneed!

  162. Please enter me, I actually made the girliest noise ever when I saw this giveaway! cheapkicksblog@gmail.com xxx

  163. I also now follow you on Bloglovin xxx

  164. I tweeted about your giveaway @cheapkicksblog xxx

  165. and lastly I blogged about it here http://funnylittlefroggie.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/camera.html
    I hope I win so badly eek thank you xxx

  166. I just found your amazing blog and I might be in love. I have charity shopping in my veins (yes, it kinda hurts but it’s worth it). I’d love to win this lomo!


    Fank oo!

  167. Love it! Also, you. (This may be a double post so please forgive me, google is being weird).


  168. I loveeeee it!! totally in love at first sight and definitely would love a chance to win the beauty!

    Susan (missr4in@gmail.com)

  169. I have tweeted the giveaway and here’s the link/url


    susan (missr4in@gmail.com)

  170. I have followed your blog via bloglovin


    susan (missr4in@gmail.com)

  171. I have also blog about the giveaway on my blog, here’s the link:


    susan (missr4in@gmail.com)

  172. Loving this camera! Brilliant giveaway

  173. Wow, the camera looks amazing. I rely mainly on my iPhone camera, which although handy, is sadly not all that good. :o(

    My email address is nicolabulmer@hotmail.com

  174. Me again! I have tweeted also @smilernpb


  175. Amazing!! What a fabulous prize!! bettyistatty@gmail.com

  176. OH MY GOSH. I’ve wanted this camera in so so so so long:(
    Want it so badly, but still not managed to save up:(

    It’s just beautiful. :) Would be bloody amazing to win this! I think I would cry haha.
    Such a good giveaway-I really hope I win:)



  177. What a fantastic giveaway! X hello@diamondsanddaggers.com

  178. Tweeted from Diamonds and Daggers @DiamondsDaggers

  179. There aren’t actually words for how much I’d like to win this. I’m such a big lomo fan *swoons* emilybirkinshaw@gmail.com

  180. I’ve tweeted about it (@inmywindow)

  181. Annnnnd I follow you by bloglovin! :D

  182. Ooh, what a fab opportunity! tupperwaremary@gmail.com

  183. Mmm… Pretty Camera… Find me @Hawthorncraft (have tweeted) and info@hawthorncraft.co.uk

    Fingers crossed x

  184. Anonymous says:

    Oh pretty pretty please let me win! Emma – emmie626@hotmail.com

  185. Oooh how exciting! I’ve wanted one for aaaages. Email is madefrombuttons@gmail.com

  186. YO! Seriously want one of these puppies! Seriously! xx
    oh and I done tweated and blogloved ya!


  187. Tum ti tum… Second comment for my tweet… @hawthorncraft (will read everything next time, promise!)

  188. Name. In. The. Hat. Please!!!
    If I get spammed to death remember I know where you live!

  189. Off to tweet the link to

  190. I’d love to win please! :) xo

  191. deleted by request

  192. OMG amazing giveaway! I would love to win this for my boyfriend, he has an unnatural obsession with Lomo cameras, and would possibly shit a brick if I surprised him with this Diana!

    My email is aoifenoonan89@hotmail.com :)

    Thank you!! x

  193. Love the camera!!! And love your new leather shoulder bag, I have one very similar and you were right not to give it up, its one of my favourite bags… Goes with any outfit!
    My emails miss_sparkle_and_fade@hotmail.co.UK

  194. Also gave it a little tweet!! @evergal :D

  195. This Camera looks pretty awesome! My email is retrofabuloso@gmail.com

  196. I should be following you on Bloglovin’ now too, I just set it up but I was following you before on my phones RSS feed. Actually having Bloglovin’ now might be handy! Xx

  197. And I have Tweeted – @RetroFabuloso
    Good luck to everyone else! Xx

  198. Diana is so cute! I’d love to give her a new home! My email is macnik21@gmail.com
    I already follow you on Bloglovin
    and I will tweet the phrase that pays as soo as I’m off ere (@MacNik)

  199. Ooh! Diana is pretty and I would love to give her a new home :) my email addy is macnik21@gmail.com
    I will tweet the pharase as soon as I’m off ere (@MacNik)
    I already follow you on Bloglovin. Your blog is cool.
    Nix :)

  200. Diana is so cute! I’d love to give her a new home! My email is macnik21@gmail.com
    I already follow you on Bloglovin
    and I will tweet the phrase that pays as soo as I’m off ere (@MacNik)

  201. Eeeek, I followed on Bloglovin’ and on here of course!
    email: lipglosslily@gmail.com


  202. have tweeted @fostergrace

  203. followed (exciting!)

  204. and am going to leave a comment to say your blog makes me smile every day thank you x oldpolicehouse8@gmail.com

  205. You’re too kind! Great giveaway…. fi@zero161.com

  206. Thank you for this chance :)
    My email is pinkie.sugarpuff(at)gmail(dot)com


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