How to remove bobbles and piling from clothes

how to remove bobbles from clothes

More often than not when I find a cardigan or jumper in a charity shop it will have a cluster of bobbles or piling somewhere and it used to be off putting until I discovered an easy way to remove bobbles from clothes, completely by accident.

Velcro rollers

I use velcro rollers! I know some people heartily recommend using a razor but I’m just too clumsy for that, if you can track down my husband, talk to him about the way I hack at my legs with a razor. Blood bath ahoy. Youch! I discovered velcro rollers were the magic trick when I dropped a box of them onto a cashmere jumper. I panicked because I imagined pulling them all off would leave me with a bald jumper, which is sexy. But thankfully it just peeled off the few bobbles which had accumulated across the side of the boob and under side of the sleeve – which I like to call Big Girl’s Bobble, our boobs stick out further so more of the arm rubs against it, meaning the boob and arm get that bit further covered in piling and bobbles. Again, sexy.

remove bobbles from clothes

You can pick up cheap packets of velcro style rollers from pound shops and whilst I probably wouldn’t trust them on my locks, they are just about soft enough to use on even delicate items like lambswool or cashmere.

remove bobbles with velcro rollers

Simply lay your garment on a flat surface, spread it out flat and plonk the roller onto the bobbled or piled patch. Pull the area taut and very slowly pinch and peel the roller away, rolling out in an upwards movement and continue elsewhere on the garment until it is all removed.

bobbles gone

It’s easy enough to remove the material from the roller with your fingers or a fine-ish comb so you can use it again and again. This trick works better than a razor every single time!

bobbles on clothes

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P.P.S. How do you remove bobbles from your clothes?

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  1. Genuis! Thank you. 😀

  2. That is so amazing, brilliant tip!

  3. Excellent tip! I don’t remove bobbles from my clothes usually as at the moment I’m rocking the homeless chic thing…

  4. oh dear god, what a corking tip!


  5. This is amazing…I have been know to shave a jumper or two but this is so much better :]x

  6. This is a nice tip! Will do that next time, thank you for sharing!

  7. This is so clever! Thank you for sharing this brilliant tip. I know about the razor idea but I am also very clumsy with them. This is by far a much secure way to get bobbles out cardis and jumpers. xx

  8. Thanks for a great tip! I’ve been doing the razor thing (with DH’s razor – oops!) but this looks a lot easier.

  9. Great tip – would never have thought of using hair curlers for removing bobbles!

  10. I’ll be raiding my Grandma’s velcro curler collection then! Awesome idea. Those bobbles drive me nuts!

  11. Brilliant, thank you. My woollies will live bit longer.

  12. Great tip, would of never thought of it!! So many a time have i binned clothes i love because they’d got bitty x

  13. Fabulous tip!! I also have Big Girl’s Bobbles, and have spent hours before picking them off (I’m so sad!) pound shop velcro curlers here I come!! XX

  14. Ooh you clever thing, you. Like!

  15. Super tip! I have a boob bobble problem with my pullies too.

  16. AMAZING. You are a life(jumper) saver!!

  17. You’re a wonderful girl! Thanks for sharing another great tip. :-)

  18. This is amazing, thank you so much for this.

    Jess x

  19. This is one of the best tips I’ve ever seen. Amazing, the things we discover when accidents happen. Two thumbs up.

  20. great idea x

  21. It is a testament to how long I have been waiting for a tip such as this to come along on how to deal with bobbles that it has now been bookmarked in my ‘regular’ folder so I remember to go and buy some velcro rollers! Thank you!

  22. How clever!! Thanks for the tip!

  23. It is a testament to how long I have been waiting for a tip such as this to come along on how to deal with bobbles that it has now been bookmarked in my ‘regular’ folder so I remember to go and buy some velcro rollers! Thank you!

  24. It is a testament to how long I have been waiting for a tip such as this to come along on how to deal with bobbles that it has now been bookmarked in my ‘regular’ folder so I remember to go and buy some velcro rollers! Thank you!

  25. Oh my god, can totally relate on the big girls bobbles issue, have so many lovely jumpers made scruffy looking by hideous bobbles, defo going to try this out. Thanks! Amy X

  26. Can totally relate to the big girls bobble thing, got many a nice jumper that looks scruffy from heinous bobbles. Defo going to try this out as soon as I can lay my hands on a velcro roller. Thanks! Amy X

  27. That is so cool, I’ve used a razor in the past and put a hole in the jumper!!! :(

  28. What a fabulous tip, thanks soooo much ;0)

  29. BRILLIANT tip!

  30. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Last weekend i was thinking about you, when i changed
    the newspapers on top of my kitchen cupboards and fridge for
    clean ones…thank you again 😉


  31. Amazingness! So going to try this tonight!! :)

  32. Amazing! I will definitely try this!

  33. Both timely and brilliant. Thank you.

  34. Now that is bloody clever, magic hair curlers!!! Thank you for sharing another tip:)

  35. Really great tip, I hate bobbles! My husband likes them for some weird reason!

  36. Excellent tip! I have Big Girl’s Bobble trouble :( I use a wool comb that works well but it always comes back!! x

  37. That is a really good tip :) Thank you for sharing x

  38. You’re an effing GENIUS Mrs!!

    This works so well! I happened to have some velcro rollers and several bobbly jumpers (it’s that bit where my handbag rubs against my hip!) Being the sceptical Susan I am, I didn’t have much hope, but bloody hell, it works! Ta! ;D xx

  39. I use a fine comb in the first place.:)

  40. I would have thought this would make the clothes worse! I think I’ll have to try this out as one of my favourite jumpers is beginning to look a bit grotty :( You have just saved a pretty jumpers life :’)

  41. Thank you! I have been wondering how to fix my jumper for ages!

    Maria xxx

  42. Another way of removing bobbles is using a razor very carefully and shaving them away. I have a couple of items of clothing that I have tried this on and it works well :)

    Vanessa x

  43. I’ve never thought of doing this! I don’t know whether you have covered this, but velcro rollers are fab for getting hair out of carpets. Even when I hoover it doesn’t bring it out, but rubbing the roller in a circular motion over where I do my hair in a morning brings out SO much hair. It’s disgusting how much comes out, but it’s worth it! x

  44. Super clever tip! We will be trying this!

  45. I have wrestled with my thoughts and I will keep this simple and pure. The most effective way of removing bobble is by using a electronic beard trimmer or Hair clippers. It is also the safest. You will not have the dangers of the razor. It is literally like sheering a sheep. Wahl, Remington, Bablyiss ect sell all kinds of trimmers. Beard trimmers have the advantage of a smaller blade for the more difficult areas. So if your going to by your loved one a presy you could kill 2 birds with one stone on this one ladies.

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Sorry. I said “the safest way of removing bobble”. What I mean to say is, one of the safest ways of removing the unsightly build up of ageing material upon ones garments more commonly and to some maybe over affectionately known as bobble. Thankyou.

  48. You. Are. A. Genius!

    Thank you!! You’ve given my favourite cardi a new lease of life :) :)

  49. That is brilliant! My wardrobe will be revitalised and reborn!

  50. Wow! What a great discovery and so impressive that all the bobbles have completely gone in the “after” picture! I can’t wait to get home and try it on my jumpers!!!

  51. That is a really good tip :) Thank you for sharing

  52. YAYYYYYY Thankyou, I have shared this post, bobbly clothes are my pet hate!!

  53. What a good idea- thank you! Would never have thought of that!

  54. That is amaaazing! 😀 I can’t believe how effective it is. I hate bobbles on jumpers!! xx

  55. Anonymous says:

    Long live serendipity.

  56. Wow- what a great idea! And just in time for sweater weather :)

  57. I use an old eletric shaver then keep the bits to super glue them to fag burns when my drunken partner borrows me jumper!

  58. I use an old electric shaver and save the bits to super glue onto the fag burns my drunken partner has put in when she borrows my jumpers!

  59. I use an old eletric shaver then keep the bits to super glue them to fag burns when my drunken partner borrows me jumper!

  60. Excellent!

  61. Anonymous says:

    amazing would never of thought of that!

  62. kim neville says:

    great tip thanks

  63. Ahh amazing! Thank you! Hopefully this will save me from buying a new cardi, I only got this last month! x.

  64. Only just seen this by chance. It is a great tip which will keep my sweaters going quite a bit longer as I also am a ‘Big Girl’!! I also get them around the tummy area too – for the same reason. I have tried lots of ways in the past which have usually ended up with me damaging the garment and having to throw them away anyway! Thank you for sharing this great thrifty tip.

  65. Wow, so simple but works. My concern is not to pull the bobble. I was watching Debra Robson saying to cut off the bobbles. What do you think? Does it pull off the bobble? Or cut off the bobble by using the velcro roller?

  66. You may or may not have saved a number of items from my wardrobe! Here’s to spending the next few days getting rid of all the dreaded boob-caused bobbles.

  67. What an amazing tip. It works wonders. I do vintage clothing and often come across woollens that are bobbling, so this is great.

  68. Brilliant! Five minutes and done!! Thanks!!!


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