How to cut your own fringe

how to cut your own fringe
Collective gasp! She does what? Yup, this post really is entitled how to cut your own fringe and yes I really do cut my own fringe at home, in my bathroom without the aid of a trained hairdresser. Ommmv, I’m going to hair hell aren’t I? Truth be known, I hate sitting in front of a HUGE mirror for hours on end having my hair cut, I just can’t take it, so I cut my fringe at home and occasionally go to the salon to get the rest chopped. That being said the last time I went to the hairdressers was in September and before that it had been about 18 months.

I’d like to apologise for these photos, I was fresh from the shower so make up-less and wearing nowt but a top and knickers. Schexy.

How to cut your own fringe

1. Wash your hair as normal.
2. Towel dry your hair to get a lot of the moisture out and section off your fringe. I clip the rest back so it doesn’t get in the way.
How to cut your own fringe How to cut your fringe
3. Brush through your fringe with your comb and feel around the sides to make sure you have it all sitting on your face.
4. Take all of your fringe in your hand and comb through again, bringing the bulk of it into the centre of your face, making sure it is straight with no out of place kinks.
How to cut your fringe How to cut your fringe at home
5. Holding the bottom of your fringe pinched between your thumb and index finger, extend it out in front of you and twist (twisting the fringe gives it a more balanced, framing look – a less blunt look – if you’d like it to be blunt I’ve found it’s easier to use this method and then work into the sides little by little afterward so it isn’t too wonky) the end making sure you’re not holding your hair too tightly otherwise you won’t be allowing for that little bit of bounce fringes have once dry.
6. Chop through the twisted hair about 1/2cm below the point you’d like your hair to fall. Snip any stragglers.
7. Let go of your twisted hair, give it a good fluff up with your hand to get rid off any loose hair then brush through with your comb again.
8. Trim any obvious missed parts then give it a good dry with the hair dryer.
9. Even up with your scissors once fully dried.
Cut your own fringe

How to cut your own fringe – tips

- Keep a spray bottle of water and a small towel to hand in case you need to wet your hair again.
- Stand a good distance from the mirror so you can really judge the length
- Do not attempt when drunk. Promise?
- If you like a choppy fringe (like mine) wait until it is dry then take 1/2 inch thick chunks and chop tiny little snips into them.
- I keep a big powder brush in a pot with my scissors and comb, it’s perfect for knocking off the little hairs.
- Try to do it outside or over a sink, it’s much easier to get rid of the hairs that way.
- Get yourself some hairdresser scissors. They don’t have to be posh ones, mine were only £7-8 from Boots but they’re just MUCH better than chopping away at your hair with a pair of Ikea kitchen scissors.
do you cut your own fringe?
Are you brave enough to trim or cut in a fringe at home?


P.S. If it goes wrong, don’t blame me. But y’know, do send me pictures so I can laugh.

P.P.S. I’m really rather embracing the grey metallic hair now.

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  1. I cut mine! But very bluntly with kitchen scissors… May have to shop some proper ones and copy your pot with powder brush too so I don’t have random bronzer streaks all over my face.

  2. I, too have an extreme dislike of going to the hairdressers. I mean what happens if you aren’t doing anything this weekend? I have long straight hair and happily lob a couple of inches off every so often. It’s usually straight-ish. Oh, and I use the ikea scissors as well – see you in hell.

  3. Ha ha lol, I and my Mum/Daughter have always been to “tight” to pay for fringes….. mostly wonky but hey…. Home and bargain for £2.99 hair colour! suits all metallic guaranteed ! x

  4. I always cut my own fringe cos it grows so bloody fast. Who has the time/money to be going to the hairdressers every week? Another good tip is not to moisturise your face before you cut your fringe, all the little hairs end up sticking to your face if you do! xx

  5. i do i do!! and i even screw it up from time to time and don’t care :) i hate paying $10 to get it done at the salon. and i agree, having to stare at myself in those giant mirrors sucks!

  6. you should cut your fringe dry otherwise you might cut it too short, as when your hair is wet/damp it lies flat and when dry is has a sort of natural bounce x

    • I’ve heard this a few times before but I’ve found (for my unruly hair anyway) that it causes me a lot of split ends to chop the whole thing dry. I leave a bit of allowance for the bounce in my fringe as I mentioned in the post.

  7. Yes,I cut my own fringe…and shock horror…my hair too! I cut it after I’ve washed it in the shower.I lean my head down and comb all my hair(while still wet) neatly forward and then chop straight across.This way when I comb it back it is slightly shorter at the sides.It works for me anyway!
    Oh….and my OH never goes to the hairdresser,I cut his too. :0)

  8. I cut- maintain a cut/trim I mean- my own hair full stop (I uses a youtube tutorial for my current style but went without when long, scissors, a razor comb…I have several years practice so not sure it would be great for a person who isn’t 100% confident). I once did attempt to do this while drunk, then had to call my husband to rescue the effort half way through. He did OK. But he made me promise NEVER to do it again.

  9. I tend to trip my fringe and bangs a lot as they grow so bloomin’ quickly! But I don’t think I’d have the guts to cut in a new style, I just have exactly the same as it was but a centimetre shorter! xx

  10. Sheesh! I ALWAYS cock mine up but it’s due a trim so you may have just encouraged me to give this technique a bash. MAYBE! I like my fringe because it covers my concentration frown lines!

  11. I get foster mummy to cut my hair and a jolly good job she does too, I colour my hair and boots have a 3 for 2 offer and as I do it every six weeks, I stocked up on the same pack i usually use. nope, I can’t bear hairdressing salons,

  12. I have cut my own hair on and off for years mostly becasue when i say ” I only want an inch of the bottom” hairdressers must hear “take a huge fucking chunk off.” Hummm.
    great job with the fringe cut x

  13. I cut my own hair too using a similar method to bellaboo, when you’re hair is wet comb it over your head (leaning over is best) then bunch it into a point and cut said so that you have a nice even cut. When you blow dry your hair you’ll have lovely long layers.

    This is a good starting point and you can experiment from there. I rarely go the the hairdressers and the beauty of hair is that if you mess it up, it always grows back.

  14. I always cut my own fringe. I started off for exactly the same reasons. I don’t like the hairdressers and my hair grows ridiculously quickly so I was fed up of having to go every couple of weeks just to get an inch or so off my fringe. I just got a really cheap pair of hairdressing scissors off ebay (about £3) and away I went. It’s surprisingly easy and you get used to doing it x

  15. I ALWAYS cut my own fringe and people always freak out when i tell them this! but it needs trimming on a weekly basis and i just canny be bothered to take a trip to town when i can do it in my own bathroom. and likewise, they never do it as well. i know how my fringe falls and what shape/length is best! x

  16. Hi!

    I’m fine cutting and colouring my own hair…it’s cutting my daughters fringe that worries me! They Move! Lol. Not had any disasters yet! With the kids, I cut it really cautiously!

    I did try and save money by buying clippers for my sons, but it never looks the same!

    I need my hair “thinned” now and again as it is too thick, so maybe twice a year, our mobile hairdresser cuts all our hair (four of us) for a tenner and a cup of tea and gossip. :-)No mirror in sight! :-)

    My partner, has saved lots of money by never having a haircut since he has left school!



  17. Yup, I’ve been cutting my own fringe for years and years. I do agree that a pair of hairdressing scissors makes the task much easier but a couple of days ago I had to do mine with my dressmaking scissors as I can’t for the life of me find my hairdressing ones. One tip I would add is, never ever cut your fringe after having had a drink (or two) I did this once and had the most lopsided fringe you ever did see (and I had to live with it for a few weeks until it grew a bit and I could cut it properly again.) It wasn’t a good look!!

  18. I’ve cut my own for years, and will even cut the rest of it if I’m desperate! It’s just hair–it grows back.

  19. I love this blog!

  20. Anonymous says:

    It’s not grey, it’s glittery (as the kids in my class tell me regularly “ooh you’ve got glittery/sparkley hair!”)

    Love the blog


  21. I cut my fringe too, but with any old scissors I can find and I chop upwards into it on an angle so it doesn’t look like a donkey (as my hairdresser would say). I last cut the back of my hair when I was about 16, never again it was a complete disaster.

  22. I cuts my own fringe too! This is such a good way to do it but my fringe is too short for the twisty thing :( I just get a big pair of scissors and hope for the best! xo

  23. Don’t hairdressers do this for free? I’d be far too scared of cutting my own hair, especially the first bit everyone sees!

    • Some do, some don’t. I don’t go to the hairdressers often enough or have loyalty to one salon long enough for them to offer complimentary services like fringe trims.

  24. I do this too – but use the “striaght line” method rather than the twist. Its the back thats almost impossible (used to be able to do it when younger but now the contortionist angles, whilst amusing to others, are not conducive to my health

  25. As a hairdresser I’ve seen some right sites after attempting a little fringe trim. Best one had given her fringe about another 4 inches either side as they “kept finding bits hanging down” :)
    Would always say invest in a pair of scissors rather than use kitchen ones etc.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I have trimmed my own fringe in-between visits to the hairdressers for over 8 years and my hairdresser knows not to touch it when im there. My mum often cuts her own hair, as she doesn’t see why she needs to pay for someone one to do it for her. We travel over 160miles to our hairdressers as my husband won’t let anyone else cut his hair as it has taken him so long to find a hairdresser that does it right and since moving over a month ago we are going back up north every 6 weeks for a hair cut!

  27. I usually cut my own fringe, but it’s really hard in the new house that I’m in because the bathroom mirror is tiny, and placed a bit high! I’ll have to give this technique a whirl once I’ve got a better mirror though.

  28. Yep! Cut my own hair. There are some great videos on you tube not just for basics but how to do layers etc on your own hair!

    I am not ready to embrace my “natural highlights (grey) just yet!!! Bring on the 3 for 2 hair dye offers please! ;D xx

  29. My whole cut’s very defined (Mary Quant type bob with a curved fringe) so I’d not be brave enough to try chopping it myself, but used to when it was in a less blunt cut, and it was fine. Hairdressing scissors are definitely the way forward, and I also used to use (don’t judge) wee sharp nail scissors for chopping into the edges. My hairdresser does offer free trims between cuts, so it’s worth asking about – I can nip in at lunchtime or after work and she’ll just slot me in.

  30. I cut my own hair this way as well! I just can’t deal with paying £40 plus for some evil hairdresser to get snip-happy with it.

  31. My hairdresser is also a friend and cuts my hair at home (no mirror) and is cheaper than a salon. She has trained me not to trim my fringe, and I get my hair cut every six weeks because it’s really good to see her!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t been to a hairdresser for 20 years and like you can’t stand them!
    I always cut my fringe and have long hair which my husband trims with hairdressing scissors.
    I must save a fortune!

  33. I’ve been cutting my own fringe for as long as I can remember. I used to have a mohawk (would you believe!) and I use to cut that myself as well. My mum’s a hairdresser so I guess I’ve been lucky in that I know if I ever totally mess up my hair, my mum can fix it for free! :)

  34. blimey. I thought I was the only person who really hated going to the hairdressers! In general, I have one haircut a year. It’s a good job I like having long hair! Last cut was on Saturday, and for once it was good. It was quick, so I didn’t have to look at my rotten face for too long in the mirror, and the bloke doing it was brillant. So funny, even if he did say he had a rake out the back and might go and get it to rake through my hair. Cheeky sod.

    Your fringe looks fab. Cut mine myself many a time when I had one. Nothing to be frightened of.

  35. Once cut my fringe with wallpaper scissors when absolutely plastered and went to the pub happy. Only realised extent of damage the next morning. Had to wear clips for 7 weeks until I could go and get it fixed as had about 1/2 inch of fringe left. Friends still mention it!

  36. I cut my fringe and hubby does the back. Glad to see I’m not the only one who is hairdresser phobic.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Wow – you rock! I just tried this last night & it works! Am trying to grow out layers in my hair & get it long, & hairdressers (apart from wanting you to take out a second mortgage for just a fecking haircut!) always cut it too short for me. I used to religiously get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks but it’s too expensive now. So I have been trying to (unsuccessfully) cut my fringe & leave the rest for about 6 months before a cut. Thanks heaps!

  38. embrace your inner silver…yeah ….im considerably older than you and i love the look of horror that im quite willing to go grey , mainly from friends who desperatly dye every 3 weeks. If you dont have tons of money and have to dye at home , no matter how many times bleedin Cheryl Cole tells you your worth it…yeah like shes in her bathroom drippin bottles of colour everywhere, staining towels and trying to hide purple ears for days …it never goes well you end up a sort of muddy dark orange , jet black with anemic skin, or that peculiar old lady blonde. Then theres the skunk stripe of shame if you have a parting after 3 weeks…lol…so embrace your silver youve a long way to go yet!!

  39. I pull my fringe to the middle of my forehead, then grip it between two fingers (scissor style) and cut across. By pulling it to the middle the outside edges are slightly longer giving a gentle curve downwards towards the outside.

  40. I’m a huge fringe chopper, and with a side fringe, it’s more or less IMPOSSIBLE to go wrong. Note the “More or less”… no guarantees..!!

  41. I’m a fringe, ends and layers chopper. My theory is that it always grows back.
    I went for 2 years without stepping into a hairdressers.
    I now have a lovely lady who comes round and does it every 8-10 weeks for me, but I’m pretty handy with a pair of ikea kitchen scissors. I think confidence is key!

  42. My sister cut mine recently and did an amazing job. I’ve even tidied mine up once or twice, but I don’t really trust myself to see properly. The other day I went to the hairdressers and they cut it really badly… exactly the way I didn’t want it. I think i’ll just be getting my sister to do it from now on! Great tips though, maybe i’ll give it a go myself!

  43. My hair grows so quickly, especially my fringe but due to my clumsy nature and shaky hands, I don’t trust myself with a pair of scissors near my hair, ha ha. Maybe one day. xx

  44. Wow,I am now totally inspired and ready to have a go!!!

  45. wow am totally inspired and ready to have a go, specially as I live in France and speak RUBBISH French!!

  46. I do this all the time. My hair grows too fast for frequent salon visits and I’m poor and scared of hairdressers so only go once or twice a year to have it properly cut. My tip is to get a pair of thinning sissors as well (my hairdressing scissors came in a set with them from boots for about £8). I bluntly cut the length, then thin it to make it a bit choppier. That way, it looks way less severe, and if you cut it a little wonky, no one needs to know!

  47. I’m so trying this. I’ve seen a few tutorials using this exact technique and now feel a bit more confident is trying it out!

  48. I just cut my fringe using your method and it’s the first time I haven’t had to rush off to the hairdressers because I look so awful afterwards. I love your blog.

  49. I have cut my fringe myself since the age of 13 when I finally convinced my mum that the hairdressers never did it the way i wanted, and she was just wasting her money! Infact the last time i set foot inside a hairdressers was when I was 18 – for my birthday actually – and yet again they messed up my fringe – the betty page look is not me! I mostly use the same method as you do, there is a similar technique for cutting the rest of your hair like that too, if your hair is quite long:

    Basically you gather your hair in a ponytail at the nape of your neck then twist it and bring the twist over the centre of your head to your forehead, and then cut!

    I would add that most of the time i get my mum or hubby to cut it for me, and only rely on this method as a last resort!

  50. have you ever asked your hairdresser just to cut your fringe ?….i have mine trimmed for free in between my visits to have the rest of it cut !

  51. I rely on my bestie to cut mine. On the scissors front you can get good hair scissors for as little as £2 from a afro hair shop such as ‘Paks’ or ‘Afro cosmetics’. The bargains there are endless! xx

  52. Okay I own up not only do I cut my own hair, I dye it too. Hair dye from poundland works a treat and costs me less than a tenner a year compared to the £500/600 at a hairdressers. As for my hair someone once told me if you brush your hair forward and put a scrunchie on it so it rests on the end of your nose then cut the pony tail off below the band you will then have it slightly shorter at sides and long at back. Alternativly put your hair in a pony tail with the scrunchie at the base of your neck and cut the tail off, this gives you a lovely bob thats long at the front and shorter at the back! I’ve used both methods over the years and appart from the odd stray strand that needs trimming it works a treat AND SAVES ME A FORTUNE!!

  53. I couldnt do it I have lots of very wavy hair. any idea of how to cut my curles?

  54. Ahh I always end up doing mine too short!! xx

  55. Seriously considering giving myself a fringe, I loved my fringe when I had one and I can’t remember why I grew it out?

  56. Just got a bad haircut from the local hair dressers school. Not only is it un even but they effed up my fringe. Think it’s too short for the twisty trick, any recommendations?

  57. I grew out my bangs because they constantly needed to be trimmed. I get my hair trimmed at home and I like being able to have my hair out of my face. Face framing bangs are always hanging in your face :(


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