Make Your Own Glitter Stripe Shoes

How to make glitter stripe shoes
I tried DIY glitter shoes when I was at uni but it all went horribly wrong, mainly because I was drunk for 4 years and I’m telling you now – vodka and glitter is not a good mixture. You may have seen the pink glitter shoes I wore to my wedding and inspired by them I’ve gone onto add glitter to stiletto heels, boots and ballet pumps over the last five years. It’s a great way of reviving a pair of shoes when they’re past their best and looking a bit tired.

How to make glitter shoes

How to make glitter shoes
What you will need:
- Shoes – I’m using some old ballet flats but sturdy shoes work better
- Modge Podge or similar tacky glue – I believe you can make your own with PVA & water but my cousin sent me this in a Christmas craft parcel from America so it seemed a shame not to use it.
- Cheap craft glitter in two colours – I used silver and green
- 2 small paint brushes
- A saucer
- Parcel tape – I’ve shown masking tape in the picture above but I went on to use parcel tape simply because my reel had lost a lot of it’s sticky-ness for some reason.
- Newspaper
How to make glitter stripe shoes
1. Lay down newspaper – lots of newspaper.
2. Clean your shoes and allow them to dry. Once totally dry stuff the insides with newspaper.
3. Section off the area you want to be glittery with the aid of the parcel tape. Ensure there are no gaps for glue and glitter to escape under.
4. Paint on glue to the area of the shoe which you want the first glitter colour to be.
5. Straight away pour the glitter over the glued area. You may want to tap the shoe to ensure even distribution and perhaps dip the ends and sides into the discarded glitter to make sure they’re covered, that way there should be no bald spots when the glue dries.
6. Allow to dry for an hour or two before peeling the tape off slowly in a smooth motion.
How to make glitter stripe shoes
7. Now it is time for the second colour. You don’t want to just pour this glitter on like the first patch because the two colours will get a bit messy, here’s what to do. Pour some glue into a saucer and add some of the second colour glitter to it. You want it to be around 60% glue to 40% glitter. Mix it through evenly and paint onto your shoe with a thin brush in fine layers. Allow to dry for an hour. Don’t worry, the glue dries clear.
How to make glitter stripe shoes
8. Once it has dried repeat a couple of times until you’ve built up a nice and even coverage.
9. Since the Modge Podge dries clear you can add another layer on top (once totally dry) to seal in some of the glitter if you like.
10. Remove any glue or excess glitter which has dripped onto the sole, with the aid of a wooden cocktail stick.
How to make glitter stripe shoes
Prepare to find glitter everywhere. Everywhere. *itches bum*
Whaddya think? Do you like them?
How to make glitter stripe shoes

P.S. I’ve had a nightmare day – my tripod blew over breaking my new lens. I’m unable to get the lens off the camera because of the damage from the impact so I still don’t know if my DSLR camera is okay. It might sound trivial to get upset over a possession but I’ve blubbed a lot about it because there’s no way I can afford the hundreds of pounds it will cost to replace the camera. I was due to start on a photography course after Easter but it seems there is no way it can happen. I phoned my insurers and they won’t cover it. My compact cameras are old and glitchy to use so I’m not sure how I’m going to go about getting photos sorted for this ‘ere blog. Sad face.

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  1. I am a glitter lover and still clearing up after my christmas crafting! So with you on the camera stress, can you take it to a camera shop (jessops or something like that). They have been really helpful with me in the past. What course are you doing – am jealous – maybe you can borrow one from the college? x

  2. Why won’t your insurers cover you for accidental damage? I agree about Jessops – they are really helpful and may have a solution for you.

  3. Those shoes are amazing! My 21st Birthday is coming up and we’ve gone for a sparkle theme. I’ve been having trouble getting hold of a pair of glittery shoes that aren’t pricey, so thankyou! You have just saved my weekly budget from annihilation. x

  4. This is amazing! You can’t have enough glitter in my book! x

  5. Simple but stylish! I love it. Hopefully your camera situation will be solved soon :)

  6. Those shoes look amazing!! I think I might have to try this, although I will make a massive mess!! Oh no, that’s awful about your camera =( I’ve been having massive problems with mine recently because it was only 5 months old yet it broke, but they won’t tell me what’s wrong with it except charging me hundreds of pounds to get it fixed!! There’s a problem because I bought it in the US, and I want it fixed here etc etc. But I can completely understand how you feel about it, I was supposed to do a course my boyfriend had bought me with mine in January, but it’s been broken since Christmas Day and it’s still not fixed and I can’t get the course refunded now =( So depressing, so it’s fine to be upset over your camera!!

  7. Funnily enough I have been sniffing around for a shoe glitterfying tutorial recently! What a lucky coincidence.

  8. They are great. I am still a bit twitchy about glitter though, since the great toddler Christmas Crafting episode of 2010.

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

  9. I love that idea – thanks for sharing! Not sure I’ve got the patience to do the second colour/stripe, though… Maybe just the one colour for me! Good luck with your camera.

  10. Yay for groovy glitter shoes but boo for broken cameras and especially for swindling bloody insurance policies. Really hope you find a solution in time for your course x

  11. Oh so sorry about the camera, that is heartbreaking, I know how you feel. When ours broke it wasn’t covered but we took it to an independent camera seller and repairer in Bristol who managed to salvage it to a working state. It wasn’t perfect, but was enough to get by on before we could afford a new one. Might be worth a try? Particularly as a bigger camera shop quoted us the price of the camera for repair…

    Penny x

  12. These shoes are amazing. I am off to raid the children’s craft box for glitter.

    So sorry to hear about your camera, I know exactly how I would feel if it was mine, so costly to replace. If you do have to replace it, I got a reconditioned DSLR off ebay (Nikon D40). It worked out a bit cheaper than new and has done me well for the last 2 years?

  13. I hope your camera can be repaired cheaply!

  14. I am definitely going to be trying this! Sorry to hear about your camera too :( I hope you get it sorted!

    Maria xxx

  15. Yay for glitter shoes!! I’m a little afraid to go the whole hog and cover the whole shoes in glitter, so this is perfect! x

  16. Oohhh!!! Sparkle-ness!!!

  17. Hi- this made me laugh- drunk for four years! Remember it well- you are majorin’ on the nostalgia for me these days! Jo x

  18. Great job. Is there anything duct tape cannot do?

  19. This is the best idea ever! Totally going to be doing this on some stillettos! I want them! xx :o)

  20. They look fantastic! I will have to try that on my next pair of past their best primark shoes! x

  21. Commiserations on your camera, the same thing happened to me a couple of years back with a point and shoot. Could get it fixed ok though so hope you will too. I have a mega eavy tripod now and I’m still paranoid when it’s even just a bit windy now.

  22. I had to pin this because I have GOT to try it. Thanks for the awesome tutorial!

  23. oh my god, I love this idea! Need to get to Primark to buy some to glitter up!

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