Kitsch Deer

kitsch deer
Kitsch deer

Mr Thrifty doesn’t quite ‘get’ my ever growing obsession with kitsch (especially my newly acquired Virgin Mary picture, which I’ll show you soon) and he doesn’t really go in for nik naks and bits and bobs. However after talking me out of buying the little china lambs at Vintage Village and me realising I would have liked them after all once we’d got home, I think he is feeling bad because he bought me these wee deer back after a trip out playing (bloody) hockey last week. A charity shop blogger with a husband who knows his way around the aisles of all the charity shops within 30 miles? Perfect match.

I’m not sure who I love more…Mr Thrifty or my new family of deer?


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  1. Ooh they are so cute!!

    I do love my lambs!

  2. They are really sweet.I have two deer salt and pepper which I nearly didn’t buy…..I’m so glad I went back,they were still there,and I snapped them up. :0)

  3. At the risk of infuriating Mr Thrifty let me point you towards this Etsy shop

    They not only have more Catholicarabilia (I think I may have just made that word up) than you can shake a crucifix at but they are also selling off job lots of deer too.

    Sorry Mr Thrifty!

    The(used to be with) It Girl

  4. Oo yes I do, very cute :)

  5. Ooo yes I do, very cute :)

  6. I have them! But there are three in my set. Super cute :) I collect vintage kitsch fawns… now it looks like I have a competitor for them! Charity shops of Manchester, look out. ;) xx

  7. ooooh, those deer are adorable!! I do like a good dose of kitsch, although yet to allow it to creep into my home!

  8. Oh my goodness I am SO ENVIOUS of you having these little deer! I love them! Great find!

    - Sarah

  9. aaw, they’re so cute! i’m looking for cats in the same style!

  10. So cute!

  11. Ahhhhh – aint they cute!

  12. I have some very similar deer! My sister bought me them.

  13. They are really cute! xx

  14. Ah how sweet and thoughtful of him! xx

  15. These are gorgeous! I have little owls!

    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  16. Vintage deer are better than men. Fact.

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