Homemade Brown Sugar and Vanilla Body Scrub

Skin feeling a bit winter-y and dull? Knock up this homemade brown sugar body scrub in a short few minutes for mere pence, and your skin will be feeling as good as new in no time.

homemade brown sugar & vanilla body scrub

Homemade Brown Sugar and Vanilla Body Scrub

What you will need:
400g Light brown sugar
50g granulated sugar
1tbsp good vanilla extract
200ml olive oil
1. Put all of the ingredients into a big bowl and mix together until well blended. If it is looking overly dry add some more oil and if it seems a bit on the wet side for your liking bung in some more brown sugar.
2. Pour into a jar with an air tight lid.
3. Use a generous lump on wet skin in circular motions and rinse with warm water.
Homemade brown sugar & vanilla body scrub
Approx cost: £1.15 plus jar
It smells delicious and makes for a great small gift or add it to a personalised pamper hamper if someone you know has been under the weather or recently had a baby.

If you can’t view this video you can click over to my YouTube channel and watch it there.

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  1. Yuuuummy. I love making stuff like this and keep a container of homemade sugar scrub in my shower.

    This post made me ponder something I haven’t before, though- what’s the shelf life on this stuff? Is there any risk of mold growing?

  2. I’ll def be making this! Thank you.

  3. I’ll definitely be making this! Thank you.

  4. Thus is a great idea and quite frankly sounds amazing!

  5. Hooray…sugar CAN be good for you! :0)

  6. ooh I think I shall make a batch of that I bet you smell divine after a good scrubbing

  7. I shall certainly be having a go at this and I have just spotted your hand treatment too! Something I am definitely in need of. Thanks x

  8. Oh this sounds wonderful and also affordable. I do spend a good deal on scrubs in the winter months. Also, thanks for checking out my blog a commenting.

  9. Ooooh! I am nearly out of my usual body scrub – so I may have to give this a whirl!

  10. I used to make my own scrub using baby lotion and sugar, that was lovely!

  11. This is awesome! I’ve been using a homemade sugar and lemon scrub to refresh for summer – but this is perfect for winter!

    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  12. I’m def going to try this out. Thanks! :)

  13. Perfect! Do you know how long it keeps for though?! xx

    • I’ve kept it in a sealed jar for longer than 6 months and it was fine.
      I use mine up fairly quickly just because I use it 3 times a week so I’m not sure how long it lasts once unsealed up I’d imagine for quite a long time because sugar can be a preserving agent.

  14. Brilliant – I had just started thinking “Hmm perhaps I’ll but a body scrub (if I can find the money!), vanilla would be good” when I read this. I’m pretty sure it would keep almost indefinitely – sugar being a preservative.

    Thank you

  15. Hi, this sounds great, do you know how longit will last?

  16. I’d say a fair while. I use mine up fairly quickly just because I enjoy using it but I can’t see it going mouldy fast.

  17. This is lovely, I might just have to try this out!

    Catherine, XO.

  18. This is so lovely and what a fab gift it wouold make. Thanks for posting.

  19. I’m making this to give to my Mum for mothers day :)

  20. WOW, what a great idea! I`ve made my own lip scrub, but I never thougt to make a body scrub… I`ll do that this weekend =)

  21. Do you need to use brown sugar? http://fashiionforeveer.blogspot.co.uk/

  22. I’ve run out of the magnificent Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub which I got as a gift, and quite honestly, even though it’s amazing, I don’t fancy forking out almost £10 for it. However, his seems similar, and I have these ingredients right now so I’ll definitely be making this! Thank you :)


  23. I am so going to make this! So great! Thank you!

  24. Looks so great!!!
    Check my blog: http://www.momysbabys.wordpress.com

  25. does anyone know how it does on plumbing such as passing thru the drains?

    • I’ve never had a problem because it doesn’t seem any thicker than commercially available scrubs. I do however look after my drains and plug holes with borax and hot water once a week.

  26. Love this idea :- ) Where abouts would I find a jar like that, do you know?

    Xx. Emma @ ever–so.blogspot.co.uk

  27. Ikea, B&M, Tesco, cook shops etc.

  28. I always add a little bit of sugar to a face wash/cream when I run out of an exfoliating wash to get me through til pay day. & I used to buy a sugar body scrub similar to this but haven’t in a while because its a little pricey and am so glad you posted this because it smells (&feels) amazing. Smells so good actually, that my husband tried to eat it.
    I’m gonna try it with coconut oil soon!

  29. HI from France :) i tried it… but it really seems like olive oil.. maybe i didn’t do it right? Thanks for the recipe though!

  30. Anonymous says:

    i just don’t have olive oil would canola or vegetable oil work thanks

  31. I like to add a bit of vanilla coffee grounds… so amazing and also helps with cellulite 😉

  32. I like to add a little vanilla coffee grounds as well smells amazing and also helps with cellulite 😉

  33. I like to add a bit of vanilla coffee grounds… so amazing and also helps with cellulite 😉

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