Bolton Bootsale

Bolton Bootsale
How have I managed to live in the North West for nearly 10 years (a third of my life) without knowing about the Bolton Sunday Bootsale? How? Gah, imagine all of those wasted opportunities.

Vintage bootsale finds

Yesterday was dreary, grey and drizzle filled in my particular corner of the North West (you lot down in the South East with your sun and your warmth can keep schtum) but we dragged ourselves out of bed early, met our friend Kate, a former Boltonian, for coffee before driving the 25 or so minutes around the M60 to Bolton. Bolton, by the way, is beautiful. Honestly it is bea-uti-ful, why it isn’t more looked upon as a gem and a beauty of a town is beyond me.
Fist full of jewellery
The bootsale is held 7am-3pm on Sunday in the centre of Bolton (which in my experience is somewhat of a thrifting hotspot on regular shopping days when the charity shops are open) at Bolton’s main market, look out for the bus station, it’s next to that. The stalls are covered and on paved ground so even the worst of rainy Greater Manchester days can be beaten with a spot of box rummaging and haggling. When we first arrived it appeared that there were maybe 20-30 stalls but there are far, far more than that when you continue you walking around, so it was well worth our trip.

Old medicine bottles
A lot of bootsales seem to have turned into a way to flog cheap DVDs and cut price meat. Whilst there were DVD sellers they were few and far between, with the majority of sellers seeming to be house clearances and people decluttering to make some extra money. The pace was fast and it was very busy even early on in the morning.
Bootsale finds
Get thee to the Bolton bootsale good people of North West Eng-er-land for the finds are varied and plenty…and, and, and the stall holders are friendly and know how to price their items to shift. I spent £4.10 and picked up a red 1950s suitcase, a knitted bag, 3 old medicine bottles, a tiny teapot, a fist full of jewellery and a stack of records.

Vintage red suitcase

Then I acted like a glee filled twerp in a dirty alley way with my new suitcase and I got a round of applause from people walking past.

Bolton, I heart you.

What I wore
Long black dress, thrifted £1
Black fairtrade long sleeved t-shirt, Sainsbury’s, £4
Green & white knitted waistcoat, thrifted, £2
Purple Converse trainers, gift from Mr Thrifty
Yellow bag, thrifted, £3.95
Pink hat, thrifted, ancient so can’t remember
Beaded necklace, thrifted, 25p

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P.S. The knitted bag? 1p. A human, actual penny.

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  1. eeep i love that suitcase, and most of all your stripey waistcoat!

  2. A penny?! Here they would pelt you with pennies for daring to assume they would accept small change. Suitcase, bottles and those knuckle-duster rings also great. Oh, and the teapot.


    We got sun though. And parakeets.

    ***Faith Hope and Charity Shopping first blogiversary giveaway open now***

  3. I had NO idea about this!! How is that possible?!? I have lived about 10 minutes from Bolton my whole life!!!!
    I shall be there next week come rain or shine!!!!

  4. How did I not know about this?!?!? I have lived about 10 minutes from Bolton my whole life and had NO idea this existed!!!! How is that possible?!?
    I shall be there next week come rain or shine!!

  5. Oh the suitcase! I love it!

  6. Aaaahhh thrifty I cant believe you come to bolton and I missed you.I think your awesome and I love your blogs.
    PS they now have a few stalls inside the market right next to the bootsale.I have just uploaded some of my finds at yesterdays boot sale,hope you like :)

  7. A penny oh my! That bag is freaking amazing and how handy the suitcase came in.

  8. suitcase ♥

    I’m also craving a teapot since we found Yorksire Tea being stocked in Melbourne

  9. Ohhh the bag and the case are sooooo beautiful. I’m so green with envy I could give the hulk a run for his money!

  10. I am almost CRYING with jealousy over your one penny knitted bag, it is gorgeous!!!!
    ARRRGHHHHHHH…why? why? why? why?….whyyyyy – do I never find such lovely things for a penny..or even a pound, or even ten pounds?!

    You must use it all the time and take millions of photos of it being beautiful. Also, that knitted waistcoat is saucyness..Love it! xxx

  11. what super finds, car boots in the south (like everything else) are massively over priced……off to hunt out reducing housework tips – any hints very welcome! x

  12. Wow some stunning items. Loving that red case. I’d have acted very happy too. Anyway you probably were the highlight of there day.

    X x

  13. One penny? ONE PENNY?! Good grief. That’s all I’m saying! I’m moving to Bolton.

  14. Oh my! That suitcase is phenomenal. I can’t believe you only spent £4.10. I am beyond jealous!

  15. Blimey, I need to get myself tup North. I find Car Boot bargains but never that cheap!

  16. Ohhh some great buys I will be adding bolton bootsale to my list of things to do X

  17. You are so cute, what treasures you scored! This looks like the perfect day if you ask me! I love that red suitcase!

  18. I live 10 mins from Bolton and I’m ashamed to say I’ve never checked the Sunday boot market out…..guess where I’m going this Sunday, woop!

  19. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks back and now I’m totally addicted. Thanks for sharing your latest treasures at Bolton Sunday bootsale. I’d never heard of the bootsale either, but it seems like a perfectly civilised way to spend Sunday morning. And you only spent £4.10? Pinch me! I must be dreaming. :-)

  20. I love that white plastic bird! I’ve never been to Bolton EVER, I always thought it’d be a bit dull and ugly, poor Bolton! It just needs better PR.

  21. Wow – that suitcase is gorgeous! What a great bootfair, I wish I lived closer to it!

  22. Ooh will have to give that a go when I live in west manchester, not south east. I’m too lazy and its too far for now, :) xx

  23. Now that looks like my kind of boot sale – cheap and full of beautiful finds! Love the case :o) Scarlett x

  24. Ahh, isn’t it good! I should have dragged my hungover ass out of bed, but may have puked all over the tables :/

    Catherine, XO.

  25. 1p?! How on earth do you find these things?!
    I live in Bolton so the car boot is a regular thing for me, always followed by breakfast in Wetherspoons! nom nom! I did actually intend to go at the weekend but alas my bed wouldn’t permit it, enveloped me in its warm loveliness!

    I’ve found a fair few bargains there – now I think I’ll have even more competition! I’ll be keeping my eye out next Sunday for some thrifty bloggers amongst the trackies and bobble hats!

  26. 1p? How on earth do you find these things?!

    I live in Bolton (and Helen your assumptions are entirely correct!)so this car boot is a regular for me and the OH, always followed by breakfast at Wetherspoons! I was intending on going at weekend actually so I would have spied you, alas my bed was just too warm and comfy!

    I’ve managed to get a fair few bargains from there but now it seems I’ll have even more competition! I’ll keep my eyes peeled for some thrifty bloggers this coming Sunday!

  27. OHMYGOSH! I have lived in the North West all my life and have never heard of this! Definatley going to go to this soon xx

  28. I feel a bit ill that that bag only cost a penny. Such a flippin’ bargain! Well done.

  29. Hiya,

    I was walking past the salford art museum and gallery on the salford uni campus and I saw this:

    And then I saw your post today! I hope this is valuable to you :)

  30. OH MY DEAR SWEET LORDY!!! 1pence? ONE FRIGGIN PEE??? I am so jealous I cannot find any more words. *squwints an evil look at you*. I hope it unravels. So there.

    *wanders off muttering… a penny… a whole pence.. 1 piece of shrapnel… a PENNY…*

  31. Thank you for posting about this! I too am a thrifty Mancunian and did not know about Bolton carboot! I’m very jealous of your suitcase as I desperately need more storage! I will be making my way to Bolton very soon!


  32. I want that red suitcase and I might have wrestled you for the teapot too. I will now view Bolton with renewed interest. Isnt that where Vernon Kay is from?

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