1990s Revival

or…Fancy Dress to Frugal Fashion

I’m all about making my wardrobe work for me, if a piece isn’t working with the other items it is out and off to the charity shop – I’m quite strict about it. This long black dress was actually part of my ‘Madonna in the Frozen video’ fancy dress costume (I also had birds floating around my head, hair extensions, contact lenses and henna tattoos…it was awesome) which I picked up at a charity shop and wore to a 90s themed party a couple of years ago and it had been buried in my fancy dress box ever since.

I was just about to send it to the folks at my local charity shop but something was making me keep it. That something was the fact that I had a long-ish black dress as a teenager in the 1990s which could lend itself to just about any outfit…maybe there was a good reason for not sending it away to the charity shop just yet.

Taking my lead from the reemerging 90s trends (crop tops, neon, grunge), not directly from Madonna this time, I layered a baggy, cropped jumper and flannel shirt over my dress (and several layers under in order to keep warm) and teamed with big boots, black eyeliner and a beanie. I might hunt down some hair mascara, Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipstick or a mood ring later.

What I wore
Long black dress, £1, thrifted
Silver top, £4, H&M sale
Purple tights, £1, New Look sale
Brown boots, £5, New Look sale
Neon yellow necklace, 50p, thrifted
Blue check flannel shirt, £1.50, thrifted
Red hat, ancient

Out and about in Manchester

And yeah, as if people are hosting 90s parties? Wasn’t it 1997 about three weeks ago?


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  1. oh my days! I really cant believe this 90s revival malarkey, mainly because I can remember them so clearly, and they really werent that long ago. Or at least I tell myself.

    But yeah, I never did the whole grunge thing first time around, so its the only bit that I’d even consider rocking….however I did own good old Heather Shimmer lipstick and a mood ring….how cool I wasnt!

    But yeah, it just all makes me feel old!

  2. There’s always room for a plain black dress. So useful! :)

  3. No no no no no step away from the heather shimmer it will do you no good at all woman x

  4. Just lovin the outfit!
    Vicky x …. cold…cold weekend standing/selling at the carboot …. had to wear my fur coat!

  5. I have to say I rather like it despite the 90′s not being a fav. You are also looking very vivacious at the mo’ if you don’t mind me saying- I k ow you’ve not been 100% but you look full of life! X

  6. Ha Ha, hair mascara, heather shimmer lippy- Love it! Seems like yesterday, Jx

  7. Heather Shimmer!!! I wore this all the time. Early 90′s I was in Fila trainers hanging around the parks in Sale. :)

    Sam x

  8. 90s were my time baby! I was at university 95 – 98 and whilst I think I’d given up my coffee shimmer lipstick by then I did have massive skate trainers, flared leggings and teeny weeny tops. I just dug some VERY tasteful leggings out of the attic and they’re in my most recent post – bright orange and pink striped lyrca flares. I am seeing them as future vintage!

    I really like your outfit but please tell me you have photographs of your Madonna tribute – it sounds inspired!

  9. A black dress is always a handy back up in the wardrobe.

    Hair mascara! Haha! I was so (un)cool I had GLITTER hair mascara (that’s right!) I also wore my skousers to death and owned one of those strange late 90s bumbags that the annoying singer Lolly sported. Oh the shame…

  10. Oh heather shimmer lippy, how I loved you! We never went out without spraying liberal amount of vanilla kisses body spray, and I remember we looked FANTASTIC in our bomber jackets!

  11. The midi is a great length on you!! I was to busy wearing tartan trousers and backwards kangol caps in the 90′s the grunge thing passed me by!!

  12. Ah flannel! I will always love you!

  13. Ah I was more of a Fudge Brownie girl myself. :)
    I still dress like this on a regular basis, too many layers, a flannel shirt and a heap of jewellery.

  14. Oh man, heather shimmer…

  15. I’m pretty glad that the 90′s is having a revival already, lol. I was young in the 90′s, but totally not fashion-conscious, so I’m loving the chance to try all the trends out. I reckon you look smashing.

  16. Heather shimmer wasn’t as bad as black cherry!

  17. ooh, Heather Shimmer, you are taking me back.
    Back in the 80′s I was all about my pink ra-ra, my Mary Quant (for Littlewoods) T-Shirt, red shoe boots and my beloved Iced Champink lippie from Avon.

    Loved the 80′s, loved the 90′s, but that was a decade not without its problems for me. The 80′s were more carefree.

    But I’m not going to talk about my short hair cut complete with ‘tail’. Oh no. Not speaking about it so don’t ask (I ripped up all photographi evidence. No one needs to see that!).

    Love your look, fab-u-lous!

    weekend good ta, I moaned to F&B’s & they are going to have a word. Ha. Good.

  18. Oh my goodness, that takes me back!

  19. Flannel shirts! I loved my flannie.
    I think you were right to keep the dress. It’s very versatile and looks great.

  20. okay, so you are absoluelty fab! I looooovvvee your style!

    I had a ‘bad’ stage in the 90′s, flannel, cut-offs, Dr Martins and a lot of grunge! And of course- a mood ring or two! ;)

  21. Missed the Heather Shimmer, but I do still have the Iced Champink nail varnish that goes with Sadies’ lippy! Was contemplating what colour to do my toenails!! It’s still in its’ box too! Does that make it a collectors item?
    Loving your outfit, topped off with your wonderful smile; trust you are feeling better than you were?
    Need to see the Madonna fancy dress outfit…photo please.
    Z xx

  22. omg hair mascara- that is old school- i forgot about that!! great post, even if it does make me feel a bit old!!!

  23. The mention of Heather Shimmer gave me a blast to the past LOL! xx

  24. gahahahaha!! heather shimmer!! blast from the past! you monkey! surely your too young….;-)

  25. YOU CRACK ME UP. I’m still living in 1996!

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