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Hey A Thrifty Mrs readers! I love this 1980s polka dot dress, it was a bargain eBay buy and lends itself to so many different looks, styles and outfits…a versatile piece which is something that always makes me happy. It can be hard to find cheap plus size vintage clothes or even nice non-vintage plus size clothes in charity shops so it can be really important to make the pieces work for you in a number of ways. Here are 3 ways I’ve worn this dress recently.

Look no.1

Look 1

Worn with – black leggings, black wedge boots & vintage head scarf.
Look no.2
Look 2
Worn with – purple converse, knitted hairband, oversize denim shirt, dog necklace & black leggings.
Look no.3
Look 3
Worn with – Black pleated skirt with black petticoats underneath, red woollen vintage tie, yellow cardigan, black tights & navy blue heels.

It’s now my mission to find at least one other way to wear each of the dresses I own and thereby double my wardrobe overnight!

Which look do you like the best?

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P.S. Do you make the most of your clothes? How do you mix it up?

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  1. Look number 2 is definitely my favourite, or maybe it’s just the pose…

  2. I like 3 – I’m a big fan of the mustard and red combo

  3. Look number 3 for sure! I love the ‘dress under skirts’ look


  4. 1 for me!

  5. Love all these looks! Great find! Have to love ebay. :) x


  6. Number 1 looks to be the best for any place or time of day !

  7. Polka dot excellence! Can I vote for a “4th look” – a mash-up of all 3? Headscarf from no.1, denim jacket from no.2, and the fabulous tights from no.3…. so let’s see you trying all those out for look no.4! x

  8. Number three is gorgeous but I love your boots in number 1.

  9. Loving the last outfit!!! HEART HEART HEART!

  10. Number 3!

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  12. Number 3 as well!!

  13. ooh i like number 3 best i think !
    i am the total opposite of thrifty when it comes to wearing things in different ways – i’m hopeless. :/

  14. Number 3 for me too. I love that cardigan!

  15. No 2 for me, though maybe it’s the purple baseball boots that clinch it for me!

  16. I love number three, it’s been years since i’ve seen a tie!

  17. Number three is the best look, it is all about the tie; although, I do think the leg lift and power arms make the second one.

  18. I like number one the best. I’m ashamed to say I wear all my dresses pretty much the same way all the time, but mix everything else up.

    Catherine, XO.

  19. I love number 3. I do try to mix up what I wear with my dresses as much as I can. But usually it consists of only changing colour/pattern of tights, boots/shoes, and different cardigans.
    I will definitely have a go at trying to layer like number 3 though :)

  20. I like numbers 1 and 2 :-) I need to try and dress down my dresses like you’ve done in number 2! I think I’d get a lot more wear out of my dresses! I have the ultimate multi-wear dress from american apparel though which you can wear something like 15 different ways! That’s my fave!


  21. totally 2 for me…if I ever wore a dress that’s how it would be! all the looks are good ones!

  22. I’d like to think I make the best of my clothes but after seeing how you have made 3 completly different outfits with one piece I am not so sure. Your rocking every single look x

  23. Once again we are tight twins! M&S? Love em! And that dress is gorgeous, ebay WINS AGAIN! xx

  24. Oooh, I like 1 and 3 best. :-)

  25. All great looks but no.2 is most fun especially with those purple converse boots!

  26. This is fab im inspired to do a similar post! http://curvyguru.blogspot.com/ xxx

  27. Number 3 – Smart but with a streak of quirky individuality and fun. And I love yellow/mustard cardigans!

  28. Not a big fan of No.2 because I just hate anything sports related (especially that sporty is in this season!) ^_^
    Loving 1 and 3 though! I’d definitely wear No.1 for casual and No.3 for smart or smart/casual.

  29. I love three but anything with a petticoat is a winner for me! I try and mix it up with my work wardrobe so it’s like I have twice as many outfits :) xx

  30. Hmmm tough; I think maybe 2? But I am a sucker for a good pair of converse! Jen x

  31. I like your creativity. No. 3 is my favorite, although I like them all.
    Seattle Beauty and Fashion Blog – Girlie Blog Seattle

  32. Love them all, how versatile that dress is and how clever you are!

  33. I love them all…had to pop in and look at one dress…three ways!! #3 is a favorite and an inspiration for me to emulate for my Stylin’ Sixties blog.

  34. I really adore the third look. Loved seeing your creativity with these looks. I’m usually terrible at styling black dresses.

  35. I adorar number 3 ,cause the pleated skirt looks lovely on you. and you look like a cute school girl.
    number cause I love polka dots myself.
    I mix and match all my clothes with whatever I can find.

  36. I love No. 2! All the looks are nice though, and I love the dress.

  37. I’m going for number 3 on account of my undying love of a mustard cardi. Thanks for this post, like you say there are challenges to put together great plus size vintage looks so inspiration is always gratefully received! Love reading your blog, you always share such brill ideas, thank you!


  38. Loving look 2 the most although look 3 is pretty sharp. It could be the purple converse that swung it for me…

  39. I like the middle one best, but I think it might have something to do with the pose. :)

  40. You look great in all of the shots, but No 3 is my fave cos you can really rock mustard!

  41. That is such a great dress! I love versatile pieces that work in lots of different ways :) x

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