How to Organise Nail Polish

I used to have heaps of nail polish, hundreds of little bottles all lined up and yet I seemed to stick to the same few colours. A few months back I got sick of dusting them all, so I gave the majority to a family friend, keeping my favourites and a few seasonal essentials for myself. I now organise my nail polish into a smallish Greengate tin (and some go in the fridge) which keeps them in one place but means I can’t see which shade is which. Here’s how I’ve overcome that problem.

Stickers my little thriftsters, stickers. I’m a firm believer that stickers and labels can solve most organisation problems so it was only natural to reach out to them for some help when in came to organising nail varnish.
I wanted some small dot stickers but those only seem to come in bright colours, so I made do by cutting some regular name tag sized stickers into small squares and using those. Many online stationary companies are happy to send out samples if you’re buying other items from them. I requested to some CD label samples when I bought some magazine storage from a company about two years ago and they also sent a huge pack of their various sized stickers to try out which I still have loads left to play around with now. In a roundabout way they were free to me.You can also pick up stickers in supermarkets and pound shops really cheaply.
All I did was put a small dot of nail polish onto the sticker and affix it to the lid of the corresponding nail varnish bottle. A cocktail stick helps in smoothing down the edges and ensuring you don’t make a big mess of the wet nail varnish. Ideally I’d paint the nail varnish onto small dot stickers whilst still on the original sticker sheet, allow to dry and then attach the bottle but because the stickers needed to be cut to size the adhesive side would have dried out if I’d waited any longer. The lids that don’t have stickers are the ones that I can easily identify, I know the lids with dipped gold lids are Estee Lauder and I only have two of those and so and so forth.
Now when I’m in a rush to go out I can see what colours I have available to me in no time at all.
How do you organise your nail polish?

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  1. thats a lot of nail polish, and you had more! mine doesn’t need organising as i don’t have any! well i keep i lot incase i need to lable anything with it! (v good for enamel plate when you go camping)

  2. This is fantastic. My daughters have a gazillion bottles and this is perfect.

  3. Fab! Why didnt I think of that!

  4. You and my MIL would get on so well! (she’s nice). She has tiny stickers on the lids of all her herbs and spices that she printed out on her computer.

    I have a plan for my nail varnishes once I move house *secretive*

  5. My inner obsessive-compulsive is all a tingle! Fab idea! :)

  6. I love this idea, you’re brilliant!

  7. …I want to go home right now…just up and leave my desk to go and do this! Love it!

  8. Super idea, although I am not a polish wearer.

  9. I must share this: the first thought I had after reading your post was: “well, why not just put the stickers on first, THEN paint them”.

    *crickets chirping*

    Cue announcer: “And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why she shouldn’t be allowed out of the house.”

    You rock, Thrifty.

  10. Great idea! I have so many, also stored in a box, so have the exact same problem of never knowing what I have and always wearing the same 3 colours. I’m definitely going to try this.. and will probably save an hour of indecision a month!


  11. Why have I never thought of this?!!! Ingenious!!! I spend far too long looking for the polish I want, going to do this tonight, thank you!!

  12. Such a cleaver and effective idea.

    X x

  13. Your brilliantness is ENDLESS!

  14. Organizing nail polish has always drove me nuts, so I just ended up throwing all but a few colors away!

  15. I love how organised you are, mine are just chucked in the bottom of my make up box. But then again I don’t own that many. Love your greengate tin :)

  16. What a great idea.I am a nail polish have just filled the drawer of my vanity with tons of polishes and thats not even half of what I own.I have a giat tackle box full of polishes in storage that I think by now will need to be thrown out.But I think I will do this sift through my colors and keep what I really need.thanks for the idea.

  17. That is an impressive nail polish collection! I really like this idea though, I’ll have to try it out. Nothing worse than spending ages trying to find one shade amongst several. xxx

  18. This is a real “aha” moment for me:). Excellent idea indeed!

  19. This is a brilliant idea. Never seen it done this way before. Perfect as im so OCD at having everything organised :O) xx

  20. I have about 200 nail polishes (none unused, but I collect them as well as using them, ltd editions etc’).

    I tend to box them by brand/colour/nail art theme.

  21. Genius – I am going to do this straight away!

  22. That’s a really good idea and something i really need to do with my collection! :) x

  23. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog and all your organising posts!

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