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As I’m sure you’ve heard me say oooh 7000 times, meal planning has changed my life. Not only does it save us here at Thrifty Towers a pile of  money and stop us from umming and ahhing over what to have and then rowing before splurging £25 on a takeaway, it also keeps us organised.
One quick tip that works well with meal planning is to go through your recipes for the week and get out all of the dried goods you need and weigh them out in one go. I weigh out any flour, sugar, cornflour, cous cous, pasta etc. that I might need and keep them in small plastic pots or tins with a labeled post it note on top. I also go through the cupboards and take out all of the spices, dried herbs and bulbs of garlic I need for the week. I organise them, loosely in a dish into the order I’ll be using them or put together any marinades and spice rubs that I’ll be using.
I then take out any recipes books I will need (most recipes are from memory or made up as I go along but I try to do one new meal a week) and pop in a bright post it note on the page I’ll be using. I make sure a little bit is still visable and write the day it will be used in large lettering. I store them next to the hob so I don’t have to fiddle about trying to find the book I need because I’m of the forgetful breed.

I’m tired in the evenings and would prefer to spend time down the pub or out with Mr Thrifty so, those 20mins once a week means making supper every evening is quicker, seamless and smooth. Any faff searching for things is all but cut out and I love feeling that little bit smug knowing that my evening is going to be planned out and hassle free.


P.S. Are you a meal planner?


  1. I meal plan each week and I have reduced my food bills considerably.. I write my menu on a whiteboard and have a shopping list I add to as I go through each days menu, that way I only have to visit the shops once a week.

    Mrs Pirate x

  2. I should meal plan more than I do. I need to do an inventory of what is in my freezers as I know I have things in there that I have forgotten about!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. I meal plan! Me and Ryan swear by it since we moved in to our house, and we end up planning for two weeks so we only do 2 big shops a month and then grab veg and any stuff for lunches on the middle weekend. We have a whiteboard in the kitchen, so Ryan can check if there’s anything he can do when he gets in, and often he’ll get stuff cooking before I get home. I love this tip though, and will definitely see if it’s something we can use!x

  4. Another meal planner here! I think it must have saved countless pounds because sometimes we are too tired at the end of the day to think about what to eat. The menu plan means I can get something out to defrost in time, start prep earlier in the day and don’t even have to think about a “desperate-times takeaway”.

  5. Tina Of CAST FALL says:

    I started meal planning about 6 months ago because of you. I use your whiteboard technique and it works really well for us. This tip ties in so well with it all, I’ll do this as soon as I arrive home from the shop with my groceries. Thank you.

  6. I couldn’t survive without meal planning. It makes life so much easier, and helps to save money too. I do the post it note thing with recipe books too.

  7. Great post. I’m a meal planner, but never thought to take it to the next level. Will def give it a go. Thanks!

  8. I do meal plan most of the time, although there are plenty of occasions when my good intentions go out of the window. Occasionally I’m organised enough to do meal prep the night before, and I’ve already made and frozen the pasta sauce we’re having on Wednesday, but a full weeks worth of measuring would be beyond me!

  9. I’m not a meal planner, never have been but these tips sound excellent….I dont do the lion’s share of cooking in my household, as much as I’d like to, but the main reason we tend to eat stuff is for conviencence…..but if everything is to hand like this, it seems as simple as what we’d usually resort to. I’m going to campaign to implement the thrifty method of meal planning!

  10. Good idea. I’m liking the stickers on the spice jar lids – I seriously need to do this as I’ve got about 40 jars in my larder and have to remember which one’s been put back where (good for the memory but not for time saving!). I do need to get back to meal planning but need to persuade my OH to actually remember to tell me when he’s not going to be back for tea as that then screws it up.

  11. I do this all the time and with 2 small kids it saves me a fortune, time and tears aplenty. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

  12. That’s a really good idea! I am new to meal planning (through a necessity to stop have 3 or 4 of those £20 takeaways a week!!) and am a bit ‘stop and go’ with it all. Perhaps if I planned it all a bit more on the weekend when I have time, I might be better at keeping to it (and making sure I stick to the correct portion sizes too!).

    Thank you!!

  13. Yet again, great ideas! I am so much better at meal planning now and since hubby and I plan it together we don’t have any issues over not wanting to eat that actual meal anymore. It does save a lot of money and waste too.

    X x

  14. I am a food planner. When I go to Sainsbury’s without a shopping list and a plan I go to pieces and end up spending more than I should and.

    I do leftovers planning too. Yesterdays roast chickent turned into todays chicken, leek & bacon pies.

    loving your householdy tweets by the way.

  15. I’m not much of a meal planner as there’s just me and I’m rather fickle about what I want to eat from day to day – but I do like this sound of pre-weighing all those dry ingredients! I need to get a bit more organized with food.

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  16. I’m a meal planner, but not to that degree! I’m very impressed. I need to find some ways to take the work out of the evening bit of the plan as sometimes I’ll be too knackered to cook something complicated even though the ingredients are there. I’m big into the slow cooker lately – I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on those. *goes off to search archive*

  17. Abi Johnson says:

    I don’t know what it is that drawers me back to yoru site again and again coz it is so unlike anything I enhoy reading. You make me laugh and not because you are funny. You make me laugh because you think you are amazing, you think you know more that anyone else about this irrelevant rubbish and you keep churning it out day after day.

  18. um…right, Abi, perhaps yoru drawered in coz secretly you do enhoy it.

    What a fantastic idea, Thrifty! 15 minutes at the top of the week can save so much time for the rest! I usually meal plan, but when I don’t I really feel it – and not in a good way. Looking forward to your next post, as always!

  19. This is a fab’ tip! If only more ppl planned meals like this, there’d be a lot less food waste and tastier dinners all round! I’m going to give it a go…:) x
    And I think Abi needs a lesson in manners…as well as spelling!

  20. Loving this tip. I’d love to see the little pots labelled.

  21. I tend to buy a meal plan for the week and buy exactly what I need accept for a Saturday night when I like to be spontaneous. if I buy it in advance, I never fancy it much. I love the idea of weighing out pasta etc in advance. I never weigh out anything and when i am hungry just end up chucking in loads to much and either over eating or wasting it.

  22. Your blog is simply adorable! =)


  23. Great tips, thank you! I started meal planning when my youngest (of 3 close together) was a toddler and it helped so much I’ve kept doing it. Nowadays I can be a little more spontaneous but I always have a few meals in my head I can make at any one time.
    I’ll be trying your scone recipe soon – lost my all time fav recipe a long time ago and been looking ever since.

  24. That’s SUCH a good idea- I am terrible at planning to cook anything adventurous for that main reason. I eat the same things again and again- mostly vegetables!

  25. Great post. I’m a meal planner, but never thought to take it to the next level. Will def give it a go. Thanks!

    Lily @ http://kitchenlardercupboard.com

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