Easy Scone Recipe

There seems to be a myth that scones are hard to make. Some think that only those who have taken some online cooking class or had a culinary semester abroad in France should only attempt because they are challenging to make.They’re not, in fact I find a scone the easiest of the baked good to knock out at will. Bust the myth today and knock out some scones in under 20 minutes. Yes, You heard me right, it is amazing what can be accomplished in the kitchen in just 20 minutes.
Here’s my easy scone recipe –

450g Self raising flour
4tsp Baking powder
100g Butter
50g Golden caster sugar
2 eggs

1. Put the flour, baking powder and butter into a bowl. Rub into very fine breadcrumbs.

2. Stir in sugar.

3. Break the eggs into a jug then add milk to the jug until the eggy/milky mixture reaches 300ml. Mix together well with a fork.

4. Slowly add the milk and egg mixture to the flour mixture. You probably won’t need all of it, so do this slowly. Bring the mixture together into a soft (not sticky), almost shiny dough.

5. Turn the mixture out onto a floured surface and roll out to 2 cm thickness. Cut into rounds using a fluted cutter.

6. Place on a baking tray and brush the tops of the scones with the leftover eggy-milky mixture.

Cook for 10 minutes at 220c or Gas mark 7.

I’m taking these bad boys off to tea with some blog and twitter friends. Enjoy yours!


P.S. What is your easiest bake?

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  1. Scones need a light hand when making them and that is the downfall of a lot of people.

    Our flour is different over here in Canada, making scones harder to make. I use the BeRo recipe when I make them but have a half decent recipe for ones using plain flour.

    I am going to do a big baking this morning, I will post photos on my blog tomorrow along with the recipes.

    Gill in Canada

  2. I find scones pretty quick too- my gran taught me her recipe and they are very much ‘everyday treat baking’ and similar to yours. Her everyday sponge is a quick bake masterpiece too: only real experts could tell it from a ‘cream the sugar and butter’ recipe but it takes minutes to make and can be scaled up or down infinitely. The only reason I won’t quote it here is cause it might be in my blog soon (well, as soon as I feel kind enough to bake someone a cake LOL).

  3. No one makes scones like my Mum’s.She puts sultanas in hers.They’re way better than any I’ve had in Devon(cream tea).
    She used to make rock cakes too.Does anyone make those these days I wonder?
    Do you put the jam on your scone first,and then cream,or the other way round?…and do you say scone as in ‘bone’,or scone,as in ‘gone’?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I make rock cakes all the time – in reply to bellabo. Yes I agree scones are easy and quick to make. My mum told me a couple of things that are handy to know. For pastry and scones you need a light cool hand and for bread a heavy hand and warm conditions (although yeast will still rise slowly in the fridge). Just because you are naturally one, it doesn’t mean you can’t be the other. Fresh scones are delicious.

    p.s. the wheat thing: our default flour over here is soft wheat which is used for cakes and pastries. We tend to buy in the ‘special’ flour which is hard wheat, for bread. In the USA and possibly Canada too, most of the everyday wheat is hard and the ‘special’ flour is called pastry flour I think and is soft wheat. YOu can make all things with all flours but it is harder. I’ve made bread with soft wheat which has less gluten than hard, it doesn’t rise so much but is still more than passable. If you use hard wheat for cakes etc you shouldn’t mix too much, otherwise it gets a bit tough and rubbery (you are releasing the gluten, the reason why many muffin recipes tell you to only briefly mix the wet and dry ingredients.)

  5. Brilliant I am going to try out your recipe asap. I attempted my first ever batch of scones last wknd after watching Kirsties Handmade Britain and they were a bit of a disaster. They were far too dry and I ended up kneading the mixture far too much. Your recipe sounds easy peasy so hopefully my second attempt will be more successful. Thankyou! x

  6. I could not be happier about this post. I was just lamenting the loss of a favourite scone recipe the other day, so I’ll definitely be giving this one a try. The last one I tried was hideous.. not a patch on my lost original.

    Fingers crossed 😀 x

  7. Yum! Except that when I make them they are called Rock Cakes!

    Sarah x

  8. Those scones look good, I’ve got to say. And I’m not a big fan unless they’re smothered in jam and cream! I find cookies the easiest – Nigella’s recipes are the best for me as the ingredients are always in my cupboard and if they’re not, they’re super easy to get hold of. Mixing dark and milk chocolate chips in one batch is also a surefire way to get fabulous results.

  9. Tina of Castfall says:


  10. Scones are also delicious and super-light if you use plain natural yogurt as your ‘wet’ ingredient rather than milk. Don’t measure it, you’ll know when it’s the right consistency.

    K xx

  11. Ohh thank you for this! I live in Cornwall & my friend & I have started a high tea society at our uni but neither of us have made scones before, will defo be trying this out! Hopefully not as scary as I thought! I love your blog too, I love reading it :) following xx

  12. I bake a ton but surprisingly have never made scones. Maybe I’ll gibe them a go this weekend since it seems so easy :)

  13. Mmm yea scones are really easy – I used to make them every Saturday morning when I was wee :)

  14. I must admit that I have missed baking whilst my wrist was broken and did a little bit during the weekend to get back into it. Whilst I enjoy eating scones (lots) I’ve never been that great at making them. So I shall have a go at our recipe and report back, as they look yummy.

    X x

  15. I love scones and make them quite often especially in Winter for Sunday tea, yummy.

  16. Mmmm one of my favourites! Absolutely must be served with whipped cream and raspberry jam though.:)

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

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