Cookie Cutter Collection

I’m pretty sure that my cookie cutter collection and obsession stems back to making gingerbread men with my mother and fluted cookie cutters squishing their way into scone dough on a Sunday afternoon in my childhood.
I brought into our marriage a collection of traditional circle cookie cutters and a small heart and over the last four years it has become this, well actually this is only about half of it. I also have my Christmas, Easter, letters, numbers and symmetrical shapes. Yeah.

Every year someone buys me a bunch of cookie cutters for my birthday or a friend will send me something fun, like a cowboy because they know the ridiculousness of a cowboy shaped cookie will make me laugh. Oh and Mr Thrifty, always one to think of his stomach, will buy me them because it means he is more likely to get fed a tasty, sweet treat.

My favourite? A helicopter that my friend brought me back from NYC. Love it.

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P.S. Are you a cookie cutter fanatic too?


  1. Gosh, I want all these!! I just need to build up a collection of cookie cutters, as I am getting into making biscuits and cookies these days!! I didn’t realise how easy and quick they are (I mainly bake cakes) and how nommy they can be and how much fun making shapes with them is!!


  2. i have loads – cos i have small children. i have a varity of dinosaurs, hammers, trains, cars, most of a zoo……….

  3. I had packed mine away when we moved. I finally found them the other week and discovered my snowflake ones that I paid a small fortune for. I can see sugar cookies made in the near future with snowflake cutouts!!

    Gill in Canada

    I have a chocolate chip recipe posted on my blog today.

  4. I already had loads of my own (also got kids with all their shapes which we use for playdough) and my MIL has just brought me loads from giving up cake decorating. Some of the shapes I have NO idea what they’re meant to be, charity shop here they come! As an arty type though I plan to make jewellery with coloured melted waxes poured into the cookie cutters. Its currently on my To Do list ☺

  5. Here’s me thinking a square was a bit outlandish.

  6. That is huge collection! And I bet you still think of another one you need?!

    I have only the traditional round, stars and gingerbread man/lady. Not too exciting I know, however they suit me.

    It is my eldest birthday the beginning of November and I would like to bake her a cake or cup cakes, any suggestions? She will be 24 and is a real girly girl.

    X x

  7. The helicopter is genius! I’ve not got any cookie cutters at all but I have my eye on some dinosaur ones :)

  8. I have quite a few too, altho I don’t use them….just collect them. I hate the plastic ones, the metal ones work much better. What a great collection.

  9. Tina Of CAST FALL says:

    A cowboy cutter? I need to see that!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great box/tin, where is it from?
    Love your blog.



  11. I have a few ;) – just opened a parcel from a friend today and there inside was a set of Russian Doll cutters :)

  12. PMI – Have you seen the giant cupcake moulds you can get? They look ace when iced in bright colours. Or perhaps bake the smaller sized cupcakes in teacakes.

    VV – Russian dolls? Oooh I’m jealous.

  13. I do have quite a few cookie cutters as make biscuits with my girls at Christmas. I don’t have anywhere near as many as you though. I really wish I had some in the shapes of dresses, shoes and handbags.

  14. I love them! Such a great idea to have a big collection. x

  15. Mine have went rusty, any tips? I have started getting plastic ones for now, because they are easier for the wee guy to handle, but I did have a cow and a pig which I used to use with the corresponding roast joint, to cut the puff pastry. It amused me no end to have piggy shaped puff pastry with a pork roast. But I had to bin them.

  16. I’m another obsessive cookie cutter collector, my favourite one is a dolphinshape. I have all the obvious stuff, from Christmas and Easter ones to numbers and letters, a zoo, a farmyard, Hallowe’en ones,snowflakes in sizes from minute to saucer, flowers, leaves,….I can’t leave T.K.Maxx without a ring of new ones…

  17. I have to admit I’m quite envious of your cookie cutter collection. I have a few cutters and have just bought a set of plastic cookie cutters from ASDA to make Halloween themed biscuits, it was on sale for £1!

  18. I have zillions, as they are something I keep finding in charity shops. There are a couple of posts on my blog – most recent find was an enormous crab shaped one. Every collection needs the large crustacean.

  19. Have you seen the fab cheesy feet cutter at cox and cox – so cool!

  20. wow I want to get more now! I only have a heart shaped one as I’m just getting into baking :) Hello by the way, I like your blog!

  21. really truly amazeballs collection….its made me want to go reach for a bog standard cutter I’ve probably got and make some cookies….

    the helicopter is awesome!

  22. I’m so jealous of your helicopter cutter, that is brilliant! I have a fairly substantial cookie cutter collection as well. Favourite cutter, ooh tricky…. the teapot or stegosaurus probably.

  23. That’s helicopter one is great! I know the cookie cutter you will love- my boyfriend bought it in Re, a shop that Thrify mrs surely would love as it reuses old items into something new and brilliant (though is a little expensive!). Here’s the link and they have a united kingdom shaped cookie cutter here:

  24. A helicopter! The way that last one was facing I thought it was a dinosaur with a propeller. I think I’ve been staring at the computer too long.

    ♥ Rebecca Jean
    Midnight Maniac

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