Never clean your cupboards again

One tip I learnt from a friend as a fresher at uni and have stuck to faithfully ever since, is to take a newspaper and fold it to the size of shelves in your kitchen cupboards (on top of them too.) Then take them out once every couple of months and replace them. You’ll never have to scrub at greasy, grimy kitchen cupboards ever again and if you fold or cut the newspaper to the right size no one need ever know about your slattern ways.


P.S. What are your weekend plans?


  1. My weekend plans?…scrub my greasy cupboards and on top of my refrigurator…put yesterdays newspaper on it and think of you knowing i will never have to scrub it again!!!


  2. Weekend is going to involve folding up newspapers and putting them on my kitchen shelves. Neat tip! (I’ll also be washing and mending vintage dresses)

  3. I’m moving in a week, so my weekend plans involve a lotttt of sorting out! x
    Sirens and Bells

  4. Top tip – my Grandma used to do this!!
    My plans involve making marmalade, that’s as far as I’ve got so far !!
    Twiggy x

  5. Oooh I like this tip a lot (I’m a terrible slattern). We will be spending tomorrow at a guinea pig rescue hoping that our remaining guinea will bond with another guinea. Oh what fun!

    YOu have a great weekend.

  6. great tip. saves a lot of scrubbing

  7. Great tip. Right up my street

  8. No big plans here!

  9. Fab idea although I may just get some nice paper in case someone sees – sorry to let you all down x

  10. Spare wallpaper works well too. No issue with newsprint on your hands and it’s stronger than newspaper. You can also use the old piece as the template for the new one..takes the hard work out of replacing it!

  11. My Mum used to do this,but with the left over wallpaper. :0)

  12. that’s very interesting I think my grandma does that, or some relative I’m not sure ahaha. Your blog is great Mrs. Thrifty!
    Farrah’s Muse

  13. we used to use old brown paper if we had a parcel, now I use wall paper from the charity shop that i often buy for 50p a roll, pretty too!

  14. Very cleaver and free idea too.

    X x

  15. So simple and so brilliant! Thank you for saving me from cleaning the cupboards more than one more time (just before I put the paper on the shelves)

  16. Thats a really good idea.On top of the cupboards in the kitchen always gets the worst, and weirdly greasy- and yet we hardly have greasy food- and dont even own a chip pan! Anyone out there cook on gas? we are on electric now, but when we had gas, the vapour and greasy film it left on my pans was horrendous.
    I need to do the wallpaper trick in my bedroom chests of drawers. Handmade rustic cabinets are great, but the dusty sawdust bits while the draw runners wear in- its getting on my nerves a bit. Guess I should do the candle trick on em…

  17. Lovely to meet you at the IFB event on Friday. I love this tip as I never clean my cupboards.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Ah, yes; every Easter, we went to my Great Aunt’s flat, tok everything out of a particular cupboard, washed every item in there, took the old newspaper off, washed the shelves then replaced everything. About 10% got used on a regular basis, the other 90% was washed once a year.

    Hope the guinea pig dating went well: I went to the PDSA yesterday to look at some frankly adorable cats in need of a new home. This was in the middle of a walk to Halesowen and a visit to the Coach and Horses where they were having Talk Like A Pirate day. When I can move again, I’m doing a little light ebaying and going out for lunch. And watching more of series 4 of Dexter.

    Have a good day! Lynda

  19. I love this tip, think I will be re-using any birthday and xmas wrapping paper. Of course after I’ve opened my pressie’s carefully!

  20. Tina Of CAST FALL says:

    Thx for this. Will stick the local paper up there tomorrow to see if it helps with our greasy kitchen.

  21. Super tip! I use sugar paper (having worked with kids all my life, I always seem to have a faded sheet or 2 under the stairs) in drawers for make-up and the like.

  22. That is simply GENIUS!

  23. Shops used to sell ‘shelf lining paper’ by the roll. In my mother’s house she used old wrapping paper from birthday presents. This custom seems to have disappeared around the time contact plastic became popular. Use an old cooking tray for the messy pantry items such as oils.

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