Christmas Eve Hampers For Children

For the last few years I’ve been making Christmas hampers for the children in our lives. The idea arrived in my head when I remembered that my Great-Aunt used to give me a pair of new pyjamas to wear after church on Christmas Eve. I’d wear them front of the fire or watching a great Christmas film on television following a dunk in the bath. Those moments were always amongst the happiest of my childhood Christmases.

I buy a pair of pyjamas (you can pick them up in a supermarket on the cheap), a bag of popcorn or popcorn kernels, a cheap Christmas DVD, bubble bath and chocolate coins – I buy one item a week, so it doesn’t sting as much price wise. I put the items in a freebie cardboard box from a supermarket and print onto it with Christmas tree shaped stamps (made from potatoes) then tie a huge red bow across the box. These are a great gift to give to children aged around 4-11 and if there’s more than one child you can make just one hamper, adding the appropriate number of pyjamas.

If you buy the DVD early enough in the year you can pick them up in supermarkets and online for as little as £2.99. By the end of October they’re all bumped up to over £10 per piece.

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P.S. What are your favourite childhood Christmas memories?

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  1. Such a lovely idea. I do something similar for our two (2 and 6) as my step-father is Danish so we partially observe the Scandinavian tradition of celebrating on Xmas Eve by allowing one present to be opened the night before Xmas day proper. I always do pjs and a book {to be read at bedtime} but I love the idea of popcorn and a movie!

    Loveaudrey xXx

  2. my dad used to smoke cigars at Christmas. He wasn’t a smoker otherwise, he just a cigar then. So now when I smell a cigar I’m taken back to Christmas.

    Love the jim jam idea. Think I’ll do this for Christmas Eve this year for Girly Girl.

    I posted about Christmas today too. I’m meant to be Christmas shopping but I keep getting sidetracked. So far I’ve bought myself some perfume and a ton of lollipops!

  3. lovely idea x

  4. Love this idea!!!!!!!!

  5. Love this-Im a massive fan of buying PJs for kids and always thought it was abit odd so glad to see you agree xx

  6. Oooh, likey!

  7. loverly idea. As kids we always had a bath (you have to be clean for santa) and then read christmas books – the snowman and father christmas by raymond briggs (blooming cat, blooming dog). I’m repeating it with my 2, bath and stories but i love the new pj idea, and the films. think i’ll have to put togeather a package! x

  8. love it! my mum did grown up hampers for my older teenage cousins when i was younger, one was all chocolate, one was all beer lol. My fave christmas memories always come from that moment when I used to come home and my mum and dad would have decorated the house, then i would put the angel on the tree and we would toast the tree and a happy christmas!

  9. Nice idea. I already do the jammies and the Christmas DVD, but not in a special way like that. I’ll definitely be doing it this year.

  10. GREAT idea…..I might just steal it!!!! My memories of a childhood Christmas? Always sneaking one present out of the stocking from the end of my bed before I should ( usually in the middle of the night)..and the smell of the dinner cooking….oh how I love it!
    Nattie x

  11. If you forget that I am 30 and pretend that I am 10 – can I have one?

    What a LOVELY idea!

  12. That is a great idea! I buy little things all year long for my grandkids so I don’t have to spend much money for the St Nick’s gifts I mail to them. A person can find so many bargains if you just keep your eyes open.

  13. Such a shame I have no little ones to do this for! Lovely idea.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think I would have loved one of your hampers! What a nice idea.

    So many Christmas memories for me. Hand made sweets – fudge, toffee, honeycomb and others. Nuts, apple and a tangerine in my stocking (very important even if they would be eaten last). Stiring the Christmas pudding. In fact chopping up prunes and almonds for the pudding. Stuffing any left over marzipan into my face after the cake had been iced. Sausage rolls and mincepies after midnight mass. The tin of biscuits given by our neighbour for the family and eating them for breakfast! The huge big bar of milk chocolate given by another neigbour. The new dolls one for both my sister and I, kitted out in amazing hand knitted outfits every year. The same biscuit neigbour also knitted us a cardigan or something every year, which was much loved and appreciated. Lots of little things that happened every year and involved lots and lots of hard work by my mum to make Christmas magical. All topped one year by a white Christmas and trudging home in the fresh snow afterwards, it was wonderful and has never been repeated.

  15. All of your Christmas ideas are so lovely, and I will definitely be taking inspiration from them this year! There aren’t many children in my family though… I wonder if I can justify making my dad one of these boxes…Let the fun commence 😉

    Love your blog! xXx

  16. I used to do these for my two when they were small. Not quite the same now they are 24 and 15! Christmas eve is still a very special time with a special meal, sing star, xmas film, midnight mass, looking for santa on the way home and one present to open when we get back.

    Still love them even now!

    X x

  17. This is such a lovely idea! We too used to get Christmas Eve PJs and there was nothing more exciting than putting them on and waiting for Christmas morning.

  18. Fab idea! I need to start being thrifty about Christmas this year. its tres easy to get caught up in a spending frenzy.

  19. Love the hamper idea, can’t wait to do it with my kiddies when I have some!
    Best christmas childhood memory for me is always going out for a super posh diner on Christmas Eve then coming home to lay out cookies, whisky and carrots for Santa and his reindeer. Also, eating the spare marzipan when mum decorated the cake. She always had to buy extra marzipan!

  20. I still sulk if Santa doesn’t bring me pyjamas, and I’m in my 30s! I just ordered a magazine subscription for a friend’s Christmas, which was offering a much reduced rate, plus a free gift of the perfume my mum uses, so that’s two presents part done in one swoop.

  21. Fab idea, I was thinking about new pjs for the boys on Xmas eve but this makes it much more.special. will start looking for things to fill the hamper.

  22. What a brilliant idea! There aren’t many children to buy for in the family at the moment, but one of Dave’s siblings has just started breeding so I will definitely steal this idea at some point!

    I save a few pounds every month so that I then have a christmas fund and I can do one big christmas shop on October without it hurting my wallet!

  23. such a nice idea but ah too early to be thinking about christmas hehe

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  24. I bought Home Alone box set in Tesco today thanks to you. Pajamams will be on my shopping list next week!!!!

  25. I’d probably do this hamper thing for my boyf!
    In our family we always celebrate on Xmas eve more than we do on the day itself. We spend the day making Xmas goodies, calling family and then go to midnight mass (nowadays a trip to the pub before church… tut tut). My favourite thing to do is to have tomato soup and watch Scroodged after midnight mass. We’ve done this every year since I can remember :)
    I really must start getting prepped for Xmas, your Xmas prep posts are fab :)

  26. As the song goes… ♫ Memories are made of this :D. This reminds me that my Grandma would give me a new nightie/bed shirt each Christmas, I still have a few and wear them lol. My Mam says why do I still hang on to them as they show their age – one is at least 15+ years old, but they hold memories to.
    Love your idea of snuggling up in pj’s, popcorn and a Christmas movie – each element creating Christmas memories in it’s self – wonderful.


  27. Mel o Drama says:

    Can we get an awww? I am a bit tearful reading that. Making memories.

  28. Wow, cute idea. Thanks x

  29. This is a brilliant idea, to be honest I’ve been getting geared up for Christmas for a few months now eerk excited. This year is super special as my little one will be 3, perfect age for all the Christmas magic. I love to watch Home Alone on Christmas eve and this year we’ll read ’twas the night before Christmas’ hehe can’t wait. I have been getting lots of bits and bobs from charity shops, puzzles etc, great condition and 1/4 of the price.x

  30. These Christmas posts are brilliant, I love this idea. I’ll have to do this for my cousin at some point, she’d love it. My favourite childhood Christmas memory is decorating the tree, my favourite thing every year. xxx

  31. I have a Christmas book bag, mainly of children’s picture books from charity shops with a seasonal feel to them and we read one a night from the 1st December. Great PJ idea!

    I bought a Rudolf cartoon from Tesco the other day for £1 in a bargain bin. Me and the OH are 80’s obsessed, so we have started a DVD collection of all the 80’s family classics to save for Christmas as they are v cheap in the supermarkets. Good for when the tv is naff over the holidays.

  32. What a fantastic idea, and what a forward thinker you are! I find it difficult to think about Christmas at this time of year but I really should think ahead to save a lot of stress! x

  33. Aw, all these childhood memories are making me glowy and happy! I love this idea, I might do it for the grown up children in my life…;)

  34. This is a great idea. My mum always buys us pj’s to wear which we receive Christmas Eve and sometimes she gives me a book to snuggle up with but definitely think I’ll be adopting this for my niece and nephew when they’re a little older!

    Victoria xxx

  35. We used to always get new Pjs on Christmas Eve ( I think it was so we didn’t look like ragbags in the present opening photographs!)
    My boys always get a new duvet cover & a towel for rugby in their presents – it’s amazing how you can pass off boring necessities by wrapping them in bright paper.
    Kirsten x

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