How to make Blackberry Vodka

On Tuesday I talked about foraging for blackberries and today I’m going to show you how to make blackberry vodka.

It is the start of the blackberry season and we got a bit excited about the prospect of free food. We foraged around 2-3lb and ended up eating most of them in puddings and cakes so I’ve only been left with around 1/3 of the amount of blackberries that I’d use in this recipe. However the blackberry season is a long one (usually running until the end of September) so I’m sure we’ll be back out foraging more berries later in the season and we’ll be making more sooner or later. Do feel free to scale the recipe up or down.

– – – What you will need:

1 sterilised Kilner style jar (I picked mine up in Ikea around 5 years ago, they have lasted well and I think they are still available now)
500ml of vodka
110g caster sugar
300g blackberries

– – – Method:

1. Pour the vodka into the jar.
2. Add the berries then the sugar.
3. Give it a swirl with a wooden spoon.

4. Shake the jar until the sugar dissolves, around 5-10mins
5. Store in a cool dark place and shake once every 3-5 days.

The vodka should be ready to drink (and bottle – strain first) after 6 weeks but I find the taste improves vastly by leaving it until Christmas. Anything up to a year should be fine.

You can make a million and one things with blackberries, one of my favourite things do with them is to make my apple and raspberry cake, exchanging the raspberries for blackberries. Delicious.


P.S. What do you make with your blackberries?

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  1. that is a fab recipe-thanks for sharing x

  2. Ah wow what a brill idea – love the layout of your post as well :) Will def try… haha can’t wait till Christmas (don’t think it will last that long!) x

  3. Oooh I will definitely be trying this! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. Yum! Good shout on apple & blackberry cake – I made a traybake from blackberries picked on the weekend on Monday & it’s all gone now!! Yum again! Thanks for the recipe will try it with some more foraged blackberries…. Could be good for my wedding next year with the sloe gin we’re planning!

  5. HOT DAMN!!! YES!

    I don’t really do fruit, but I can get behind it flavouring my vodka.

    Thanks Thrifters!

  6. I love this, I’ve got to get out blackberry picking asap, might just wait until the rain dies down… x

  7. Brilliant! Free Christmas presents! Will get on this this weekend! :) xx

  8. Hello, thanks for the video, the blackberry vodka would make a good Christmas pressie eh? A big purple satin bow on a full jar (smaller jar though maybe), and that would be lovely. I think I may have to send the hubby out with the littlie at the weekend to the hedgerows lol. FYI you have such a relaxing voice, do you do bedtime CD’s/MP3’s lol

  9. I usually make a crumble with our foraged blackberries but I’m keen to try your recipe…Bet its yummy! Thanks for sharing x

  10. Oooh I will make this recipe, what did it was the lovely piccies and writing!
    I am a blackberry lover, and have made cupcakes with them, a lovely sweet blackberry sauce to drizzle over yoghurt and meringue,the usual jam….but vodka it is this year!
    Nattie x

  11. The blackberries in my garden and surrounding lanes aren’t usually ready till mid September, but I’ll definitely have to try this one out!

  12. This is SUCH a good idea. You’ve given me Christmas present inspiration!


  13. I made this for Christmas presents last year, it went down very well with those that received it! :) xx

  14. Knew there was something I meant to get last Ikea trip!! OH’s American cousin makes all kinds of vodkas & keeps posting pics on FB just to make me jealous! I’m definitely going to give it a go myself

  15. Thanks for the video! I make plum or strawberry vodka usually so this will be a nice change. I go blackberrying with my mummie in September so will gather plenty then. Should be able to wait-I made some Seville orange gin in Jan, which takes 3yrs to mature!!!
    I was surprised you have neither an Ulster or Manc accent – you must have Southern ancestry!

  16. Yummy! I think this will be making an appearance in our house hold very soon.

    Thanks for sharing. A great idea for gifts too.

    X x

  17. OOOoooOOOh, noms! Yeah, no more namby pamby fruit salad for me, it’s vodka all the way!

  18. Hiya, I’m coming round for drinks. Mine’s a double.


  19. Oooh i was reading about this in an old mag the other day, but those instructions were awful and i was going to go online for some better ones…but TA-DA you did it first!! Love the idea of keeping it for Christmas…Mrs Thrifty…i love you!

  20. One to try for sure – it would make good Xmas pressies too. I tend to make blackberry jam with mine.x

  21. Sounds incredible! My boyfriend and I make Murray Mint vodka and Werthers Original vodka, which also tastes very good indeed (simply add a bag of murray mints or Werthers originals to cheap vodka and leave for about a week).

  22. Aww, this post brought back memories of blackberry picking with my dad after work, we made homemade blackberry wine which was lush. I might have to try and make this vodka xx

  23. Such a simple and great recipe! Will have to try this, but need to find some blackberry bushes first! x

  24. Blackberry Vodka open looks really tasty.

  25. I’ve been following this blog for 4 months now, shouldn’t have been surprised when Google brought me here when I searched for this recipe, thanks for another brilliant post!

  26. This looks great! I am going forraging for blackberries tomorrow and have some vodka a friend left following a party the other week – the ultimate thrifty drink! Thanks, I hope it tastes as good as it looks!

  27. This looks great! I am going foraging for blackberries tomorrow and have some vodka a friend left following a party the other week – ultimate thrifty drinking :) Thanks!

  28. Thanks for this recipe! I am going foraging for blackberries this weekend and will use them with some leftover vodka after a party, this looks great!

  29. Have just made this today – looking forward to Christmas 😉

  30. Second year we have made this, a brilliant recipe! Samantha

  31. Was looking for a recipe to help use up the blackberries in the freezer. Scaled up the quantities – will make a couple of nice prezzies and what’s left over is ours! 8 weeks to work out what to make with the strained vodka soaked blackberries – either ice cream or some kind of (expelled from) Eton mess…

  32. I finally got to taste my bramble vodka after making it back in October. It is amazing and such an easy recipe! Thanks for sharing. I’m now tempted to turn my stash of frozen blackberries into more as one bottle is too easy to drink!! The boozy blackberries were yum on vanilla icecream too so no waste at all.

    • Ours was filtered and decanted at the weekend, after 7 weeks of patient churning every couple of days. Tastes gorgeous, scarily barely noticeable taste of alcohol! Blackberries went into the freezer and will be blitzed and mixed with some decent vanilla ice cream to make some kind of alcoholic blackberry ripple.

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