You know those shiny little disks you carry around in your purse? The gold coloured ones. Yeah, one of these. A pound, a quid, a Plymouth Sound (s’cockney, innit) or £1, however you phrase it or write it, a blinkin’ pound.
If you exchanged one of those in my local charity shop a few months ago they would have given you this Lloyd Loom blanket box in return.

Lloyd Loom Blanket Box

Umm, yeah. Amazing, right?
I know a lot of people would paint it or recover it but I rather like it the way it is (although the small torn area on the lid will end up patched up sooner or later, panic ye not) and it fits perfectly in our bay window as a seat, plus it nicely stores our bed linen which is *Kath and Kim* is a boon, because we’re rather lacking in storage in our new flat (actually the storage is pretty good but we have rather a lot of stuff to test the storage.)

Lloyd Loom blanket box

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P.S. Have you thrifted anything nice of late?

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  1. Oh I love it! Most of my local charity shops don’t have many bargains anymore sadly :(

    I love the fairy lights – don’t they just always make a room so pretty? I like the blanket too. Sigh!

    Happy Homebird

  2. Darn it! Too lovely for £1. Why can I never ever find anything so lovely in any of my charity shops? *sulks in a jealous fog*

  3. Wow, what a find! These are the type of things we get at work and send around the world but they paid so very much more for! I’m currently look for a sturdy chest of draws. Great thrifting x

  4. Paaannnd init! Thats what this Cockney would say. 😀 BARGAIN!

  5. Paannnnnd init. :))

    Bargainous! Well done honey. XXXX

  6. Okay, officially jealous.

  7. A paaand? I don’t think I can buy ANYTHING for a paaand in my local cs. Nice find. xx

  8. That is one drop-dead gorgeous bargain!!! Amazing:))

  9. Wow!

    J E A L O U S !!!

    But hurrah on a fabulous bit of thriftyness!


  10. An amazing bargain, nothing that cheap in our Charity Shops, even the greeting cards cost more than that.

  11. I cannot believe that was £1!!

  12. I can’t believe it was only a £1!!!

    There is a badly damaged Lloyd Loom in my local charity shop and they still want £10 for it!

    Victoria xxx

  13. i just love this – i managed to bag a very similar sized one, in the same colour but with a floral top, and i love it – i keep it at the end of my bed with all my linen, pj’s and blankets, and i thought i had the best bargain ever at £10 from ebay!

  14. Amazing! What a find x

  15. amazing for a pound.. well done there love!!..
    it would make a lovely window seat.. i can see it with a couple of vintage print cushions on.. gorgeous!


  16. As has been commented-the chances of finding anything fab for a quid in our CSs is pretty remote. Even tat!
    That is one fine piece of LL. I rescued a LL chair from a skip-it was brilliant for the kitties in the garden!
    Z xx

  17. Hey!! You said my £35 Lloyd Loom was a great find. Now I just think you were being polite. A thrift like this is just showing off!! 😉 x

  18. You lucky thing. I love all things Lloyd Loom.

    Only managed to pick up two pairs of knitting needles, a set of 4 sock needles and two stitch holders all for 40p at my local charity shop today.

  19. What a lovely bargain I got one today in our local charity shop. 1950’s chest of drawers for £5. ~c~

  20. what a bargain!! I have one of these too, it has lasted years & has been recovered and painted so many times! Right now we are using it to store towels outside the bathroom :) x

  21. Good find! I got the most beautiful vintage piece of luggage at a thrift store for only $3 (US) last week. I bragged about it all day. :) Thanks for the blog love.

  22. We cannot believe you got that for only £1 – well spotted!
    Oh, and thank you for being our first follower!



  23. Wow, that’s a bargain! And soo useful! I’d love a blanket box for my landing- at the moment there is a large washing machine dumped full of clothes that would look so much neater in something similar!
    I bought some gorgeous Per Una jeans in the Salvation army charity shop 2 for £2 weeks ago that are absolutely perfect for my shape- I am a complete fusspot when it comes to jeans- and I have awkwardly long legs! I was most pleased!

  24. Definitely love it the way it is – so wonderful!

    Rosie x

  25. Lloyd Loom for A POUND? Dear god, could I be any more jealous?

  26. Cor, that’s what the tooth fairy brought last time (a pound, not Lloyd Loom). I’ll have to get boy1 to start investing in furniture!

    Seriously though, bonkers pricing. I feel lucky to get even a book or a piece of china for a pound sometimes.

  27. ONE POUND? I’m sick with jealousy, can’t get anything for that these days!

  28. Brilliant bargain !
    Twiggy x

  29. Fantastic baragin.

    X x

  30. When I was little I used to call pound coins ‘fat money’.
    I would almost buy anything for a pound!!

  31. That’s an amazing bargain – well done!

  32. Sniffle Sniffle, A lovely blanket box was put in a skip by my over zealous relatives when the cleared out my late Grandma’s house, I am so miffed about it. Goodness knows what else went in there when I wasn’t around. Yours is an amazing find. I have just moved house to a small-ish village and there are 4 new thrift shops to explore (yipee), when I eventually unpack the things I already have (boo-hoo).

  33. That is such a bargain! However, I am kind of more jealous of your crochet blanket, I have been wanting one for SO long. I may try to make my own but it will fall apart very quickly i fear….

  34. You have the best charity shops hands down!
    I do rather like that crochet blanket too and the fairy lights in your photo make me feel like I’ve had a few of your gin and ginger ales! Lovely stuff.

  35. We always called them beer tokens. Likie funfair tokens but (back in the day) 1 = 1/2, 2 = pint.

    Love that trunk, cannot believe it was £1!!

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