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This giveaway is now closed and the winner’s name can be found here.

I’m a fussy sleeper, my pillows have to be a certain height and propped up a certain way and Mr Thrifty has to shut his gob and stop snoring. Alas Mr Thrifty doesn’t do that very often and my sleep is broken more often than not by his snuffling, snorting and snoring. I usually lay awake tutting and sighing loudly until I wake him up. There’s nothing better than having company when grumpy. Within approx 2.15 minutes Mr Thrifty is fast asleep again, snoring like a bison. And I have to take off downstairs to fall asleep on the sofa in front of whatever crap in on the television at 2am. Invariably I wake up with a stiff neck and a bad mood.

Sleeping beauty.

When I was offered a Sound Asleep Pillow to try out I was a bit dubious because I’m fussy about the depth of my pillows but I’ll try anything once, especially if it means it will give me a bit of peace and quiet in bed.
I was quite surprised at how thick and fluffy the pillow was when it arrived and the speaker inside didn’t poke out as I imagined it would. You have to really, really push every square inch of the pillow hard before you can find it and my head doesn’t detect it all when I lie down on it.

How does it work?
There’s a stereo jack in one corner of the pillow and a detachable lead which you attach to your mp3 player or radio etc. I plug mine into my iPod, keeping the iPod on the bedside table or floor. An integrated speaker inside the body of the pillow plays whatever your mp3 is playing and you can hear it only when your head is pressed against the pillow. No need for headphones which you can get tangled up in once asleep.

Attach device to the built in speaker via the detachable lead.

I’ve found that the sound quality is surprisingly good for both music and podcasts/audiobooks. The audiobooks have been lovely to listen to this way. I find listening to them on my commute to work a bit of a pain as I miss bits of the plot when trains speed past the platform or someone makes an announcement, so I’d rather given up on them. Mr Thrifty is desperate to borrow the pillow for his terminally dull cricketing needs, so I know what to get him for Christmas. He can’t have mine!

Last night I watched a DVD in bed (Mad Men ) when Mr Thrifty was doing his fog horn impression, I plugged the extension lead into the TV headphone outlet and watched the DVD without disturbing Mr Thrifty or any of our neighbours (our houses are teeeny so any noise late at night can be picked up straight away). It was a bit strange at first but after a while it was comforting, snug and strangely a really rather lovely way to watch television once you’ve got your positioning sorted out.

I’m quite smitten with this and will be taking it away with us this Christmas but I’m looking forward to buying the memory foam version as they’re much better for my dodgy neck.

The makers of Sound Asleep Pillow have very kindly offered me a pillow to giveaway.

If you’d like to enter here’s how you can –

1. Follow this blog and leave a comment on this post (this step is essential, other steps will not count with out step no.1)
An extra entry for each of the following steps –
2. Tweet the following tweet ‘Win a Sound Asleep Pillow with built in speakers via @AThriftyMrsUK http://bit.ly/dIXRny ‘
3. Join my Facebook page and leave a comment on the post about this giveaway.
4. Mention this giveaway (linking to this post) on your blog.

Let me know which of the extra steps you have performed (if any) in your qualifying entry comment on this post.
Please ensure I am able to contact you.

This giveaway closes Midday (GMT) Friday 10th December 2010 and will be drawn later that day with the aid of random.org. If I am unable to contact you within three days I reserve the right to redraw.


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  1. I’m a following! And a commenting! And a tweeting (MrsTeepot) and a facebooking!
    I really need one of these! I haven’t had a good nights sleep for almost a year!

  2. This sounds like bliss! I didn’t even know these were invented! better than my earphones under the pillow fix!


  3. I have followed you

    I have tweeted

    I have done Facebookery.

    I need this for camping. I mean NEED. IT.

  4. Ooh gotta get my OH one of these for listening to Test Match Special!
    I will follow this blog (will add you to my RSS feed – is that OK? I don’t have a blog myself :-( Well my cats do (!) but it’s on posterous not blogger.
    And tweet.
    And facebook.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. followed,
    liked on FB

  6. posted link on my facebook page x

  7. What a fantastic idea, Ive done the 1st 3 steps x

  8. @mrs_eddieizzard says:

    Ive tweeted and am now commenting!

    I want one of these to listen to my hypnosis app!

  9. Would SO love one of these to help my insomnia! Would be great for listening to my weight loss hypnosis that I’m currently reviewing too!
    Have commented on FB and tweeted :) was already a follower too 😀

  10. here is my comment, what a fab giveaway. i’ve tweeted (@neutronel) and i already did follow on facebook. fingers now firmly crossed. X

  11. I’m following you!
    This sounds a great idea – I too have a husband who snores like a foghorn!

  12. Great idea…I agree with Hayley above with regards to listening hypnosis mp3’s! Perfect!
    Have commented on FB.
    Tweeted @wendymcd83
    Following blog.
    Thank you :)

  13. Ooh, I would love this. my cats pull my headphones out when I try and use the ipod.

  14. I am a follower, have joined the fb page and have also tweeted.

    Great giveaway, I have awful problems sleeping, and I too have a snoring monster in the house. We probably watch the same crappy 2am movies.x

  15. You’re on my blog! http://bloggomy.blogspot.com/2010/12/i-need-good-nights-sleep-so.html

    Following on your blog, liker on Facebook and retweeted as @Bobbity666

  16. Wow, what an interesting invention. I also have a disturbing boyfriend, he’s a snorer too. But I might be tempted to give this to my step-mum if I won. She has severe multiple sclerosis and as such as a heightened hearing due to her loss of other senses such as sight. My dad is another snorer so this might be useful for her. She listens to a lot of audio books because she can’t read books anymore or see the television.

    I facebooked also!

  17. I’m following; trouble is I don’t really know about all the other stuff. Can you connect it to a wind-up gramophone? LLX

  18. Enter me please! I’ve re-tweeted and facebooked too! x


  20. sounds amazing i will do nything for a good sleep.

    facebooked too :)

    ella richardson

  21. What an excellent idea the Sound asleep Pillow is. Having to sleep next to someone who can ‘snore for England’ I welcome anything that can help me get to sleep. I’ve commented on FB too.x

  22. I’m an avid follower and have completed steps 1,2,3 and 4 in a bid to be the lucky winner. I just have to try one of those pillows!!

  23. I love this- not really I seriously need it!
    I am a follower- although I just now did it via google reader publicly-
    Nice giveaway- I am follower 808!

  24. Would love a chance to win a fab pillow. Already a follower and will add a comment to facebook too. Please cound me in.



  25. I HAVE to get me one of these!

    Therefore I have done every step possible of course! Heres my comment (points finger this way), I tweeted about it too (@madewithluna), I left a comment on your facebook page too (Lorna Bruce) and I also blogged about it! (http://madewithluna.blogspot.com/2010/12/head-over-to-thrifty-mrs-for-fantastic.html)


  26. I’m a follower and fussy with my pillow as well. Stiff neck in the morning whatever I use. (I need help with husband’s snoring too. Sometimes I wake/sit up in bed thinking ‘what the h*ll was THAT?’ In my imagination it’s a bear coming up the stairs, but no. Reality kicks in and I realise it’s himself snoring. Ho hum.) xx

  27. Follow on GFC (@marzutek )
    Liked and commented on FB (Marzena Szymborska)
    Tweeted too @marzutek

  28. I have duly tweeted and here’s my comment. I am in awe of the idea behind this pillow. I need two – one for hubby and one for me – but one would do for a starter! LOL
    Just think – no more Match of the Flipping Day. *sigh* Oh the unadulterated bliss of the very idea.

  29. oh please do enter me in for the pillow giveaway, sounds wonderful.
    already follow on facebook and your blog and im going to put you on my blog page too.
    ps good luck to everyone who enters as its a fab giveaway.

  30. This sounds great! Facebook done.

    Please enter me…thanks :)

  31. Oh I’ve been intrigued by the sound of these for ages now. Fingers crossed I’m the lucky winner.


  32. That sounds naaice! I’ve wanted one for ages but wasn’t sure how good they were.Does subscribing to the RSS feed count as following? Otherwise I’m not totally sure how to do it.

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