::Chocolate week:: Cadbury Chocolate Hamper Giveaway

 This giveaway is now closed. You can find out who won here.

Roll up, roll up lovely readers, want to win more chocolate than you know what to do with? Ah good! I thought you might.

I can hear you saying ‘What’s the happy-haps Thrifty, what can I win and how? Get to the good bit.’
Alright, alright, stop bouncing around like a giddy child, take two seconds to read on and I’ll tell you.

You may have noticed things heating up with Cadbury’s adverts of late. You may have seen the advert with fish divided in to two teams, spots and stripes (view the advert here and the story behind it here).

Image: Cadbury

To get the UK excited about the 2012 Olympics (you may have heard the rumours about London hosting them, ahem), Cadbury are throwing a little bit of the competitive nature our way and trying to get us playing more games. So, it’s Spots Vs Stripes ladies and gents, Spots Vs Stripes, which side do you land on?

Mr Thrifty and I came up with a bit of a silly game to play.

The Game

Bikeball. The name? Yeah it’s not great. The game features a bike, it does not feature a ball. But all the good games out there have ball in their name right? Football, basketball, netball, cric…ket. Just go with it, yeah?

Simple concept. Get on your bike, ride along on a course and see who does it quickest. One thing. You must balance a chocolate bar on your head. If it falls off it’s back to the start.
The person who completes the course in the quickest time gets the bar of chocolate.
Who are you backing? Me – spots or Mr Thrifty – stripes?
And they’re off.

Mr Thrifty is first up, plonks chocolate bar on helmet and slings leg over bike, pushes off and off he goes. It’s a quick start!

Mr Thrifty with my thrifted cashmere jumper slung over his shoulders. Big stripey girl!

Dodging the small child, turning the corner and there he goes navigating his way through the mid size puddle, faster, faster, faster, through the slightly larger puddle. Here comes the steep incline, Mr Thrifty of the stripes team is making his way quickly to the turning point. Yes he has made it and it is now time to make his way back down that little hill, he is nearing the far corner, here he comes, here he comes. Great time.

Next up is the spots team. I hear this lady is new to bikeball. Helmet on, chocolate bar balanced in hat.

Off she goes, good speed to start with, turning the corner, careful not to crash into the the dog poo bin. There she goes, first the mid size puddle and now the the slightly larger puddle.

Show your stripes! Even if it is just a sofa throw tied around your neck.

She is losing a bit of time there on the corner but time isn’t everything. Straight up the incline, turns around in one fast movement and straight back down she goes. Here comes the corner and here she comes, here she comes!

Over to the judges and their stop watches. Do we have a clear winner?

Oh yes, by a margin of 20 seconds – Mr Thrifty for the stripes team! Well done that man.

Yes, yes, I’m getting to the bit about what you can win and how.

You can win a luxury hamper (worth approx £80) of Cadbury products simply by leaving a comment (please ensure I am able to contact you). To gain a second entry to the draw share your idea for a silly game idea in your comment or place a link to this giveaway on your blog or website.

The details
How to enter

1. Leave a comment on this post.

Further Options
2. For a further 1 entry each, either a.) Share your idea for a silly game in your comment or b.) Place a link (http://thefurtheradventuresofathriftymrs.blogspot.com/2010/11/chocolate-week-cadbury-chocolate-hamper.html  – feel free to use a URL shortener as long as it links to this page) to this post on your blog/facebook/twitter (in a post or sidebar, which ever suits you best). Or both!
3. Please let me know if you’ve done any extras and how many.
4. You must comment to enter, other steps cannot be counted if you  have not commented on this post to let me know which further steps you have taken.

The rules:
1. Compition open to UK residents only
2. The compition closes at 11:59pm (GMT) Wednesday 17th November 2010 and will be drawn on 18th November 2010.
3. The winner will be chosen randomly by random.org
4. If the winner does not reply to organiser emails within two weeks, I reserve the right to pick another random winner.

TTFN and good luck!

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  1. Ooooo, never one to resist chocolate please include me in the draw. twitter id is @ngowers

  2. Hello – best comp of the week imho :D

    Twitter = @nickie72

    Thank you x

  3. Please include me, what a great prize. @susankmann

  4. Oh hello! Yes please, I LOVE Cadbury chocolate – in fact I may now have to steal the Freddo I’ve bought for my youngest child…

    I’m on twitter as @peabee72

    Thanks x

  5. Great prize, thank you for the chance to win.

  6. Yes please! We’re using Cadbury’s chocolate fingers to make some edible sparklers today – yum!

    @homemademum x

    (Tweeted too)

  7. Ooh yummy yes please
    Email on my blog
    Thanks and best wishes
    Sue x

  8. What a great prize!

  9. Well all of my family LOVE Cadbury’s chocolate, in fact my 5 year old daughter won’t touch any of the cheapy nasty chocolate that the rest of us put up with on occasions!

    I just love, love, LOVE you post. Well done Mr Thrifty and come on Mrs Thrifty, you can do it! Beat him next time! xx

  10. £80 worth of chocolate??! I’m in!!!

  11. Me me me, twitter is mum_themadhouse

  12. I need to win this!! I’ll tweet it, you follow me so you’ll see it.
    As for silly games – my friend and I like to play the wikipedia competition. You both sit with your laptop with wiki open, click on random entry and whoever gets the best random entry, wins. It might sound boring but when you go through three bottles of wine doing it it’s pretty entertaining! Plus, you learn all sorts of things.


  13. Oh, goodness me, yes, of course I want to win chocolate!

    Twitter = @TashaGoddard

    I have also tweeted and plugged on WAHM-BAM’s Facebook page.

  14. Yummm!!!! Give me chocolate :)
    I’ve twittered @MalAli

  15. Gotta be in it to win it!! I adore cadburys chocolate!! :)


  16. Who doesn’t like chocolate?


  17. Oh a hamper of chocolate – heaven!!

  18. Ooh, a chocolate hamper! Can I enter too?


  19. Oh and a silly game? We often play one on long car journeys. It’s a variant on the old “turn the letters from a car number plate into a long word” game, just with added smut factor. Doesn’t have a snazzy name just yet though.

    I don’t know if that even counts as a game but I’m better with my brain than my muscles so it’ll do for me!

  20. mmm I wonder how long £80 of chocolate would last? twitter= @camillebijou

  21. *salivates* chocolate nom nom nom nom. Please enter me @illbefrancoise

  22. Did you get many funny looks playing bikeball Mrs Thrifty???

    Great giveaway, but please don’t enter me…a bucket load of chocolate is the last thing I need…I have no willpower!!!!

  23. I really thought you would have had more chocolate balancing experience and would have won :)

    A great game I play with my Rainbows is the knife and fork game, you have two teams everyone wears gloves or mittens and has a knife and fork each, they have to cut a square of chocolate, eat it, and get to the back of the line in a given time, it’s not as easy as it seems but great fun.I’m sure they would all enjoy a share if I was luck enough to win
    Thanks Cate x

  24. Please enter me :) I am a chocaddict lol
    Have tweeted on Twitter too @lisanorfolk

  25. Sue Harrison says:

    Great prize. I’m always up for chocolate yummmmm
    Tweeted too @daisyduck123

  26. Bikeball sounds brilliant fun, bet you had a laugh doing it! I’d love to win £80 of chocolate *drools* but I’d probably put on 80 pounds lol

    @iridessa76 on twitter x

  27. Lol at the big girl’s stripey jumper! Please enter me into this choctastic competition.


  28. Cool game! if only our bikes were in working condition!

    As if I would turn down the chance for some chocolate! Especially as Cadburys is so delicious!

  29. Anonymous says:

    ooh! Yes please!
    You can find me @darwinisright on twitter. I will also post link on my fb page for you. WHat an excellent give away – who can resist chocolate??

    I am off to find my spotty winter coat and bike helmet…….this could be a new trend, or even an olympic sport?

  30. wow i love chocolate please include me into this draw. thanks.

  31. Lorraine says:
  32. Great prize ! Have tweeted
    @cheekyd19 :)

  33. Oh, I want this so much! And your game is hilarious. Great way to make a giveaway post individual and fun :)

  34. Oh I love chocolate, so do my kids. yes please!

  35. ohh yes please enter me into your fab comp, i am addicted to Cadbury’s!

  36. Great blog! Anddd, come on stripes! :)



  37. Ooo chocolate, now there a competition after my own heart. Please enter me i have also retweeted.
    My silly game ..use a chess or draughts board and set up your pieces of chocolate like solitaire, ie fill the suares around the centre one with pieces of chocolate. Make each side the same, as in proper solitaire and then play as normal except you get to eat the pieces you jump as you remove the. iIf you dont get down to one pice remaining, it doesn’t matter as you’ll probably feel sick by then!

  38. Me please! Love the game – just need to enlist the kids now!

  39. oooh exciting stuff!! Have retweeted on my Twitter also

    Yummy cadbury’s – fingers crossed!

  40. Oh the Thriftsters, you are such daft apeths! I really laughed at this post, what a daft pair. Brilliant! I’ll tweet now.
    And you know how it works, just send me the prize, yeah?!
    x x x

  41. I was ordered by my Biscuits to enter this giveaway, like they needed to!

    Do you and Mr Thrifty use bikeball to sort domestic duties or such things as who gets the last brownie?

  42. Anonymous says:

    please enter me @gettogirl09 .. 3 girls and myself would love this x

  43. Anonymous says:

    Please enter me love chocolate


  44. Each person gets a bar of chocolate – first to eat it WITHOUT using their hands, wins!

    bev_metallica on twitter

  45. You are crazy bike riding lady!! Though would love to win loads of chocolate, not sure it would last very long in our house.

    Mmmh silly games…. mmmh. You could play pass the chocolate by throwing it over the neighbours fence, trouble is they would it eat and not pass it back. Mmmh. You could play How many chocolate bars can I balance on my at once. But then we would again eat said chocolate and feel sick and have to lie on the floor. Mmmh. You could play hide the chocolate somewhere in the house, but we would either loose it or OH would hord it and i would never see it again.

    Have retweeted for you (@redtedart)


  46. Mmm, yummmy, count me in!

    And a silly game? Get a balloon and play keepy-uppy, but only in a very defined space (ie. sitting on your bed and you are not allowed to step on the floor to get the balloon) and inbetween ‘uppies’ you have to munch a square of chocolate. Its an incentive, but also a distraction! The winner is the one who manages to keep the balloon up in the zone and can eat more chocolate than the other.

  47. Haha! Your gaming escapades made me giggle.

    I would LOVE to win some choccie. *crosses fingers and toes*

  48. Fab prize, count me in. I LOVE chocolate.


  49. Chocolate!

    am on twitter @liveotherwise :)

  50. Competition to win chocolate?

    I’m in!


  51. please can i enter

    twannywun at hotmail dot com

  52. mmmmm chocolate <>!
    would love to be entered please!
    I’m 1dozymoo on Twitter

  53. .How heavenly, a great big injection of chocolate in time for my birthday at the end of the month.

    Silly game: tiddlywinks using chocolate buttons, prefereably giant. Hilarious, and play after a bottle of wine has been consumed for maximum effect!


  54. Please enter me in to the contest!! I would love to win a hamper!

    I’ve also tweeted on my twitter @melanie858

    (P.s. tried to leave a comment already but it didn’t appear yesterday!)

  55. That’s the funniest blog post I’ve read in ages!

    Had missed this before, just saw you tweet about it today. Please enter me into your draw



  56. I would love to be entered…great game by the way!

    prityness @ googlemail. com

  57. http://fooddoesnthavetobepretty.blogspot.com/2010/11/stopcadbury-hamper-time.html

    I featured your post in my blog (link above)

    It’s a great idea! I especially liked the bike game…if only I could ride a bike!

  58. NOM NOM NOM the thought of all that choc is just too fab to handle LOL

    I am a follower, liker and have retweeted. I am on twitter (@utterlyscrummy) or you can email me utterlyscrumptious(at)gmail(dot)com.

  59. Yummy yummy Mrs
    A box of choccy kisses
    If lucky winner is me
    My family would tuck in with glee!

    Thank you for running this delicious competition ( and t=for the cupcake advice!)

    Twitter @MibsXX

  60. Yum Yum! Put my name in the hat please – have linked to you from my blog http://super-lucky.blogspot.com (will be live in my blog comp round up tomorrow!)

  61. Please enter me! Have tweeted.


  62. How thoroughly tasty and the best prize in the world, seriously, would love to win. Please could you add me.
    My email is on my blog. Thank you x

  63. I probably shouldn’t but I want the hamper of chocolate yummy! Fab competition and what a funny game. I’d never have thought of it although we’d have eaten the chocolate as soon as we got it! @lauracymft

  64. Please can you inlcude me in the draw?

    And for my second entry, here is my silly games:

    Chocolate Jenga!

    Play jenga but substitute the blocks of wood for chocolate bars! Hours of messy chocolatey fun! :)

  65. By the way I’m @MissBaileyMSE on twitter :)

  66. Cadbury’s chocolate is just soooo good!

    Tweeted a link to this page

  67. Tweeted as @Bobbity666, liked on FB and suggesting a game of ‘pick up sticks’ using chocolate bars :-)

  68. Ooh, pick me random.org!

  69. Oh and a silly game could be me seeing how much of the hamper I could hide behind the pasta in the larder :-)

  70. Chocolate, did somebody say chocolate, count me in please. If I don’t win i’ll have to go and spend £80 on choc and make my own hamper.

  71. Here’s an idea for a silly game that could be in the next olympics in place of the relay maybe.
    It’s called Facebook Tag.
    A team of 11 players stands on their country’s flag. Team member 12 has to search a big pile of photos and find their 11. As they find them they ‘tag’ them onto their ‘friends’.first team tagged wins.
    Ok, that sounded a lot better in my head.

  72. A Cadbury’s hamper just in time for those long winter night’s yes please!

    @onions1 on twitter

  73. Chocolate!!! would love to win a chocolate hamper

    silly game for kids quite an old game now i think but still play it at xmas, you have to wear gloves and roll a dice when u roll a six u have to cut a square of chocolate with a knife and fork when the next person rolls a 6 its their turn and so on until all the chocolate bar has gone! fast and fun game

  74. lesley stevens says:

    it has to be cadbury’s everytime!


  75. can never resist chocolate!

  76. Always up for a bit of thriftyness and winning this would certainly do that.

  77. pretty pretty please enter me…chocolate? YES PLEASE!

    Twitter is @mummysshoes


  78. Mmmmmmmm, chocolate :)

  79. Yes Please nom nom nom!

  80. Please count me in! Twitter: @xcrossthepond.

  81. nom nom, yes please!! (@madewithluna) x

  82. What a fab prize for a chocaholic , thanks for running.
    Will tweet @daisybeebee

  83. Oooh free chocolate, I have a pregnant wife who is most deserving of this here chocolate hamper…

  84. Oh, did someone say chocolate? My radar is obviously working fine.

  85. Oh my gosh…. what an amazing prize, salivating already!

  86. Mandy Mason says:

    Would love to win this!!! Have tweeted – @lowie131

  87. Isla Scott says:

    Please enter me into the giveaway. I tweeted a link to it, my twitter username is nicemovesisla – direct link to tweet = http://twitter.com/#!/NiceMovesIsla/status/1408234539712512

    Thank you! :)

  88. Anonymous says:

    What a fab idea! Love it! @tylwcus

  89. Who’s going to turn down a chance for free chocolate? lol

  90. Can’t think of a good idea for a game, but would love to be entered none the less!

    Aulie.o (at) gmail.com


  91. kim coate says:

    love the post, glad it wasnt raining while you were out and about with that chocolate on your helmet!
    please enter me in the draw

  92. Chocolate? Did you say chocolate?

    And silly games?

    Well, mine would have to be the who can pin down the baby and get the stinky nappy changed in the shortest time with the least mess…

    Will also tweet the link from @bumblingtweets.


  93. Oh I love chocolate please enter me into the draw . Loved the post great fun


  94. I love Cadburys chocolate. Am making a chocolate hamper for my sisters birthday in December so this would be great for her, thanks so much @Cat1980uk

  95. Love it! Enter me please :)


  96. Chocolate……. (please excuse me while i wipe the drible of the keyboard!)
    as to stupid games….i think the oddest one i ever played was the who can find out and verify what colour pants men are wearing game. the one with the most wins!

  97. ‘You had me at chocolate’….quite bored of the Halloween Haribo’s so Chocolate would be nice change

    Will give a game some thought!

    Buh Byeee @audreyscat

  98. NO!!! I’m a #Spot!! Fab prize! @goriami

  99. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the comp excellent


  100. Best chocolate in the world! My twitter username is @Jos_Kitchen :-)

  101. Nicky Russell says:

    PLease can i enter for a yummy hamper X @paulinepppp

  102. Yum yum yum…chocolate in my tum… We all need more chocolate in our lives, so I hope the winner appreciates it! ;-)

    I think I might have already entered but I retweeted again – I’m @flopsydaisy

    My favourite chocolate game is the one I did at kids parties where you have to put hats, scarves, gloves on and try and use a knife and fork to eat some chocolate as quickly as possible. So competitive!


  103. Anonymous says:
  104. What an amazing prize, just in time for Christmas, my kids would be chuffed if I was lucky enough to win. Good luck everyone :o)

  105. We love chocolate, yes please!

  106. ooooh chocolate mmmm. Please include me in the draw… @chica_lisa88

  107. Please include me too! I’m @helenredders

  108. I would love to win the hamper!!!

    Also I’ve RT the comp via Twitter : twitter.com/GleekGirl1984

  109. PickledGinger says:

    Oooh, chocolate always! @pickledginger

  110. Best competition of the week!!!

    Please enter me @superamazingmum

    thank you very much

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