Getting yourself organised is often a decision many people make in the first month of the year but how many carry it through? How many need to make that same resolution as the next new year comes round? I decided to start my new series – 15 days to an organised new you, in January but I deliberately waited until the Christmas decorations were put away, the initial thrill of the new year had worn off and we’re all back into the swing of work/life balance. Getting your life organised when you’re facing the realities of day-to-day life makes a lot more sense than trying to get organised when you’re still treating yourself to something from a selection box as breakfast and watching Christmas specials on TV.

Starting tomorrow I’ll be starting my brand new series of posts which will have you organised (or at least in possesion of the tools and mindset which will get you there in your own sweet time) on a budget. Don’t worry, if you’re not into living an organised life (and why ever not?) my regular posts are coming back in full force this week too.

Come on back tomorrow and we’ll get you organised on a budget.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been having desperately needed break from work and blogging to spend with Mr Thrifty, my friends and our new puppy.

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