100 Days Until Christmas

100 Days Until Christmas

I’m not even going to apologise for carrying some kind of girl-scout gene, I like to be organised and try my very best to prepare for large and expensive events well in advance. Christmas is one such event I like to prepare well in advance of. I’ve written all about this many a time, read my tag for proof. A quick heads up. There are just one hundred days until Christmas day. 100 days, that it is – or 99 days and a load of hours and minutes and seconds and stuff, if you want to be fussy. If you’re like me and like to enjoy the month of December without stress and panic and you haven’t already started, now is the perfect time to start preparing and start saving.

Put away £1 a day and you have a nice stash of money for food, travel, gifts or anything else which might crop up on your budget list. It’s an easy way to keep mindful of what you’re budgeting for, so grab yourself a dedicated pot of some kind and plonk a £1 coin or assortment of loose change in there today and every day until you have a nice amount to buy Christmas dinner and enough fairy lights to cause a power outage in your local area. If you find yourself with an extra £100 and you don’t feel the need to spend it all on Christmas, why not save it for those pesky January bills, pop it in an ISA or pay off a debt or chunk of that overdraft?

I wish you a Merry 100 days Until Christmas.

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P.S. I Watched Elf this Weekend. No, you Shut Up.

P.P.S. This is my second post of the day, read my first, for lots of lovely organisation to help you get through the academic year in organised bliss.