10 Table Lamps at £10 or Under (ish)

10 Table Lamps at £10 or Under (ish)

We’re hoping to move house soon and with moving comes renovation and decoration. I’ve been casting my eyes over table lamps with great interest and here are some of my favourites under £10(.50 – couldn’t resist one sneaking in at 50p over!)

Lamps Under £10

1. £10.50

2. £5.47

3. £2.75

4. £6.00

5. £8.50

6. £6.50

7. £9.99

8. £6.00

9. £10.00

10. £10.00

Obviously these all come in different colour options but I’m loving 2, 4 and 8 in the colours shown here. Swoon!


P.S. Have you seen any lovely table lamps out there?

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