1 Year £100 Beauty Challenge

1 Year £100 Beauty Challenge

You know what? I’ve got a of make up and a of beauty and personal hygiene products, a lot. And most of it is just sitting there going unused, which isn’t very thrifty now is it? I got a bit obsessed and sucked into to YouTube beauty channels for a while last year. I’m talking about a corner of the internet where having 7 drawers of mascara seems the norm and I started to forget that umm, no it really (really, really,  isn’t. I let consumerism bite me on the arse in the worst way and it is time to stop and grab a-hold of these thrifty reigns again, especially as we’re now saving up a deposit for a house.

In a bid to cut back on my monthly budget and use up my stock piles (in my desperate attempt to get rid of my crap – THINNING OF THE THINGS) I’m implementing a strict beauty product challenge. I will be spending a MAXIMUM of £100 in the next year on all my beauty and personal hygiene product requirements and using up everything I already own. Spread out over a year, I (actually both Mr Thrifty and me) will have an average £8.33 per month to spend and here is how I’m breaking it down

What it will include –

  • Make up of any kind
  • Shower gel, body wash, bubble bath etc.
  • Soap/hand wash
  • Skin care of any kind
  • Shampoo & hair products (and my hair is product hungry, the fecker)
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Nail polish
  • Tools such as brushes, sponges, face cloths etc.
  • Oral hygiene products (I toyed with not including this and soap handwash because they’re essentials however I have a stockpile of freebie toothpaste and handsoap taller than The Shard so if I buy more it comes out of the budget)
  • Razors

What it won’t include –

  • Medical items such a lotions I use for eczema
  • Sanitary products
  • Sun protection
  • Pain relief, over the counter and prescription medications


There aren’t really many. I just want to stick to it!

I’m able to receive make up etc. as gifts (not a request) as this is often what I get from friends and relatives anyway but I’m going to make sure I’m not begging them come December for MOALIPGLOSSSSPLEZ.  I’ve had a few people email me about hairdressers etc. and I’m not really sure where I stand on it when it comes to this challenge. I don’t usually colour my hair and my friend (a trained hairdresser) cuts my fringe for me every 3 weeks (free) but I tend only to go to the salon for a full cut 4 times a year because I hate sitting there like a fat lump in front of the mirror waiting for them to do the opposite of what I want for £50. Eeek I’m not sure.

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Such help, huh? – Just wait until October when I’m writing a post all like ‘but I  and we’ll look back on this moment of indecision and laugh. This challenge isn’t about going without or restricting but about finding great quality items for less, using up what I have (which is a lot) and actually realising what I do and don’t need. I want to take care of my skin, I want to wear make up but I want to do it without excess. I think a lot of bloggers, YouTubers (and readers and viewers) can easily get sucked into ‘GOTTA HAVE THAT NEW THING OMFG’ and it leads to a crazy circle of excess and overspending without need. I need to stop this in my life, this is the jolt I need.

Wish us luck!

This challenge starts today and ends. I’ll keep you updated with our spending and what we’ve managed to use up on a monthly basis. If you’d like to join in on the challenge simply grab the above button (click the image to go to the Flickr page and pick your perfect size or feel free to resize as long as you link back to this post) and post it on your blog along with a link to this post so people know what it is all about. Let me know if you’re going to join in, however I doubt many will take on the challenge. I know some people in thrifty blog circles will think ‘bloody hell £100 is a lot to spend on make up and soap, you’re mad’ and yes it is to some. However to me I film often for TV shows and need to turn up made up with nice(ish) hair, I’m not confident in my skin and actually enjoy playing about with make up and looking after my skin. I spend far in excess of £100 usually (probably around £800 a year), so getting down to that figure will be a challenge for me. Obviously different figures will suit different people, this is what works for me.