Wooly Tumblers Dryer Balls

wooly tumblers review

It’s only very recently that we’ve had a tumble dryer and whilst we don’t use it each and every time we do laundry, it does get used on a regular basis because we live in the North West of England, a very wet region of the United Kingdom, and I don’t want wet clothes hanging […]

Levenshulme Antiques Village Review

levenshulme antiques village

A few houses back we lived in Levenshulme, and I only managed to visit the Levenshulme Antiques Village twice (for shame, I know). Both times I had a hangover, walked into the huge building on Stockport Road, saw some stuffy looking furniture and promptly left in search of vodka soaking carbs. Levenshulme Antiques Village Review […]

Poundland Pastel Discoveries

pastel kitchen pound land

During (and actually afterward, in the dust) a lot of our kitchen storage containers were ruined and despite several attempts, were unsalvageable. So I’ve recently been on the hunt for good quality storage containers for the likes of sugar, flour and chia seeds etc. but on a tiny budget. Enter my Poundland pastel discoveries. I nipped […]

Give me a plate

serving food on chopping board

This isn’t finance or thrift related it’s just a plain old rant. Just because I become more and more angry each time I dine out. Stop serving food on chopping boards and in plant pots or in tiny faux deep fat frying pans. If I want to eat food from a slate I will climb […]

10 things I’ve done this week that non thrifty people find weird

non-thrifty people

Nothing in my thrifty realms is that revolutionary but sometimes my non-thrifty friends catch me doing certain things and stop in their tracks and ask WTF I’m doing. 1. Not tied the plastic fruit bags in the supermarket so I can use them again at home for lunch bags. 2. Mended a cheap pair (99p, […]