SPOTTED: Superdrug Treat Thursday

super drug treat thursday

Exciting news, each and every Thursday, Superdrug Health and Beautycard members will be offered an exclusive, one day only, money saving treat. Today’s (27/08/15) treat gives you 10% off all moisturisers both in store and online! I seriously rate their Vitamin E moisturiser and body lotions, so they are well worth stocking up on. It […]

Cheap Beach Day

cheap beach day

At the start of the week Mr Thrifty had a day off work and the sun decided to come out from behind the clouds. We made up a cheap and cheerful picnic of tuna salad sandwiches, shortbread and a flask of coffee and drove the 50 miles to Crosby beach in Liverpool. We both went […]

Don’t buy a scanner, get a free scanner app!

free scanner app

A few months back I decided having close to eighty (yep) recipe books was beyond daft, especially because I only use about a quarter of them with anything even resembling regularity. So I decided to sell and donate the ones I didn’t want (it’s bizarre how much people will pay for a well used Nigella book) and […]

The Copper Dining Room Light (swoon)

a thrifty mrs copper light

After renovation comes decoration and my friends, it has been a slow process and will continue to be for a time to come. Finally after months of trawling for the perfect (the copper dining room light of dreams) over head lighting for our dining room we stumbled upon this beautiful light fitting in Sainsbury’s. I […]

It’s Blackberry Season


Usually in this corner of England, blackberry season is a few weeks later but here they are cropping up left, right and centre in Greater Manchester, we even spotted some at the end of July! Dog walks around these parts now feature a clean carrier bag (the bag bed comes in is very handy) or […]