The tale of a small boy, an orange and Comfort Intense Fresh Sky | Sponsored Post

comfort fresh sky

[THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY Comfort Intense] If you allow a small boy into your home, prepare for destruction. The destruction delivered by this particular 17 month old came on Friday, 3 hours before guest arrived, in the form of a orange having an up close and personal meeting with my white-ish sofa. We’ll call […]

What not to clean with vinegar

what you shouldn't clean with vinegar

Vinegar is a useful and thrifty product to have in your home for the purposes of cleaning but there are some items and surfaces which should not be cleaned with vinegar – What not to clean with vinegar Granite/Marble/Quartz The first thing the guy who fitted our quartz kitchen worktops said to me after I […]

Vintage Pantry Makeover (before and after)

vintage pantry make over

Remember when I shared our vintage pantry a couple of weeks back? Well here she is now, freshly painted and living in our dining room. She still needs a few tweaks (I will be replacing the clear glass to match the one solitary pane of vintage glass and lining the inside with oil cloth when […]

Getting Intense with Comfort Intense | Sponsored Post

getting intense with comfort

[THIS POST IS SPONSORED BY Comfort Intense] Living through the complete transformation of your home, the place you long to be and crave comfort from is a pretty intense feeling. Your body is taut and your mind fraught, your precious den is being battered and bruised and you yourself are covered in filthy plaster dust. […]


lately a thrifty mrs

1. Lately  Lately life has been hectic and it is one of those annoying blogger situations whereby I have to say “I haven’t been posting much for huge, exciting, personal reasons…but I can’t tell you about them yet.” It is safe to say every blog reader in the history of blog reading hates reading stuff […]