Don’t forget about Back to MAC


It’s rare I buy anything other than high street make up but I do have the occasional more expensive item. MAC make up is something I often receive for my birthday or Christmas and as such every couple of years or so, I accumulate old packaging. Fantastically, MAC are committed to the environment and as […]

Blackout nights are back

blackout nights

Last year we started our blackout nights here at Thrifty Towers (read more here) but then we ended up ripping our house to pieces and it went out of the window for a while. Now we have a more stable environment to live in, we have decided to re-implement (is that a word?) blackout nights. […]

The Vintage Sink Saga


Before our renovation began came a few months of researching and sourcing the fixtures and fittings we would need to create our home. One thing we picked out was a vintage sink for our bathroom, from an architectural salvage yard. We adored the shape, the logo and the beautiful taps and although it didn’t actually […]

£7.50 of free fuel!

free fuel

Here’s a very quick and useful tip to bag yourself £7.50 of free fuel, which with sliding oil prices means your next top could be a real bargain, bringing your average price per litre down to under £1! So how does it work? Put simply, TopCashback are giving £7.50 back to every new member who […]

Poundland Hair Slides

poundland hair slides cheap

A couple of weeks ago when I was browsing the aisles of my local Poundland I spotted these sweet little hair slides. Now on the original, plastic packaging they didn’t look so hot but imagine these repackaged into something a bit more crafty and they look a lot, lot better. Your imagination is your only […]