August 2015 Goals | Home/Personal/Financial

a thrifty mrs august 2015 goals

It really helps me to plot out goals at the beginning of each month, so I thought it might be useful to share here on the blog too. Sharing them here makes me a bit more accountable to my goals and hopefully I’ll get into the habit of sharing my monthly progress too. Here are […]

Have you met Madge our campervan?

1980 devon moonraker

Madge is our campervan, I don’t think I’ve shared her here on A Thrifty Mrs but I’ve mentioned her on my Twitter and Instagram, so I thought it was about time I introduced her. We’ve always wanted to own a campervan, specifically a VW T2. It has been Mr Thrifty’s dream since he was a surfing […]

Magazine Freebies July 2015 (August 2015 issues)

magazine freebies uk july 2015

It has been a while since I’ve done one of these posts but boy are there a lot of magazine freebies this month. As always “freebie” in this sense means free with purchase and some of these magazines can have a fairly hefty price tag, so make sure you’re really weighing up if you “need” […]

Meet Lionel Puppy


  Meet our tiny new pup Lionel, who joined us here at Thrifty Towers just over a week ago. Lionel puppy, is 12 weeks old and fluffy little ball of fun. He’s as stubborn as muck and one of the naughtiest little scamps I have ever come across but he has certainly brightened our lives. If […]

Pungent Canals, Care Bears and Intense Freshness | Sponsored Post

comfort intense sunburst

[SPONSORED POST] Over the weekend I was out to lunch with my friend and we found ourselves sitting in an intensely stinky pub beer garden. You see the pub backs on to the canal and the aroma springing forth from said canal on a very hot day was pungent. This particular breed of pungent, was […]