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How to get a Free Pumpkin!


If you fancy a free pumpkin to make a delicious warming soup or if you’re simply looking to carve a demonic face into the poor veggie then here’s how to claim yours: How to get a free pumpkin 1. Pick up a pumpkin up to the value of £3 from a retailer as you normally […]

Why we’ve decided to implement ‘blackout nights’

blackout nights

Modern life with the ease of technology can be fantastic but sometimes it can lead to stunted conversations, predictable evenings and square eyes. We here at Thrifty Towers have decided to implement a blackout night once every week. So what does it involve? Basically we’ll be actively turning off anything with a screen be that […]

Defuzzing on a budget

how to defuzz on a tight budget

If you want that fuzz-free feeling it’s going to cost you but here are a few tips to achieve that silky smooth, hair free look and feel (most of the time) without spending a fortune. Defuzzing on a budget MEN’S PRODUCTS Unless there is a mega offer or I have a coupon, I buy men’s […]

Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser Review


Hot cloth cleansing has long been a method which works for me. I’m a huge Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish fan but the price point doesn’t always suit me, so I seem to have spent years in search of the perfect dupe. I even made a video on this very topic back in 2012. Superdrug’s […]

Bootsale Booty

uk bootsale scene

Yesterday we popped down to a bootsale on our way to pick out some tiles for our new bathroom. I suspect it will be one of the last outdoor bootsales of the year, so we just had to stop by for a nosy wander. Although we arrived fairly early a lot of the stall holders […]