How to get a FREE Benefit eyeliner

free benefit eyeliner from boots

Be quick, and give your eye a flick! Yeah that came off ruder than I wanted it to. Anywhoo, fancy a freebie? It’s pretty simple, here’s how to get a free Benefit eyeliner. Grab one of your old eyeliners and make your way to your local Benefit stand in a branch off Boots to get […]

What’s in season in September?

what's in season in september

Similar to August the month of September is bountiful in terms of seasonal food. Shall we have a run down? What’s in season in September? Nectarines Onions Blackberries Aubergine Beetroot Broccoli Tomatoes Figs Peaches Damsons Plums Cabbage Potatoes Carrots Radishes Fennel Courgettes Cucumber Garlic Marrow Wild mushrooms Pears Swiss Chard Peppers Rocket Our garden is […]

John Lewis Stop Free Monthly Cake and Hot Drink

John lewis stop free cake

Ah remember those halcyon days of a free coffee and cake once a month with a My John Lewis loyalty card? Well store those memories on the floppy disk of your mind and move on petal, because John Lewis have axed the free cake perks. John Lewis Stop Free Monthly Cake and Hot Drink In […]

How to get a free coffee at Waitrose

waitrose free coffee

Oh yes, FREE! If you love a freebie as much as I do, make sure you’re signed up for a free Waitrose card. Not only does it mean you’ll receive offers throughout the year but it also entitles you to a free cup of tea or coffee from their in store machines. How to get […]

Holland & Barrett Loyalty Card

holland and barrett loyalty card

A new discovery for me recently is the Holland & Barrett Rewards for Life card. I’m fairly new to shopping in the store for anything other than a January urge to BUY ALL DA VITAMINS but of late I’ve switched up a few things in my diet (I’ve gone sugar free and it has made […]