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£7.50 of free fuel!

free fuel

Here’s a very quick and useful tip to bag yourself £7.50 of free fuel, which with sliding oil prices means your next top could be a real bargain, bringing your average price per litre down to under £1! So how does it work? Put simply, TopCashback are giving £7.50 back to every new member who […]

Poundland Hair Slides

poundland hair slides cheap

A couple of weeks ago when I was browsing the aisles of my local Poundland I spotted these sweet little hair slides. Now on the original, plastic packaging they didn’t look so hot but imagine these repackaged into something a bit more crafty and they look a lot, lot better. Your imagination is your only […]

Renovation Update – Christmas on a building site

christmas on a building site A THRIFTY MRS

*American voice* Previously on Renovation Updates : We finally got hot water, our bathroom was pretty much finished, the plasterer had plastered every stationary surface within a 4 mile radius, an extension had been removed, our roof had been raised, we had no back door, our kitchen had started going in and our foreman had […]



Our renovations are still ongoing and will be for sometime. The builders hope to finish within the next week to ten days but once they are gone we still have a lot of projects to undertake ourselves. I’m really looking forward to having the house to ourselves though! Here comes the roof! #thriftyreno A photo […]

2015 Goals (life, home, work & finance)

2015 goals

Did you know 2015 is the year Back to the Future film was set in? And here we are without hovering skateboards or y’know time travel. Pssh. Anyway, despite the serious lack of Marty McFly around these ‘ere parts, I’m still moving forward and looking forward to embracing 2015. I have a few goals for […]