Thrifty Thermals


Winter is on the way and one thing I’m keen to stock up on this year is a good set of thermals. Our house is at the end of a row of terraces and I can just sense our first winter here is going to be cold – especially with a lot of building work […]

What’s in Season in October?

whats in season in october

The leaves are thick on the floor, the nights are drawing in, autumn is here in full force and with that in mind, today I’m sharing what’s in season in October here in the UK. Elderberries Butternut squash Cabbage Tomatoes Figs Beetroot Apples Quinces Wild mushrooms Pears Watercress Turnip Sweet potatoes Marrow Celery Kale Leeks […]

INSITU Architectural Salvage (omgsoamazing)

INSITU Architectural Salvage Manchester

Yesterday Mr Thrifty and I popped down to a salvage yard in Manchester, specifically INSITU Architectural Salvage which is less of a yard and more of a fantastic old building stuffed full of beautiful bits and bobs and helpful staff. We’re at the stage of our renovation where we need to start thinking about the […]

Budget Mascara Fail


I’m an equal opportunities mascara lover. I like bristle wands, plastic wands, spiky wands – the lot. I’m always interested in trying something new and mascara is my definite weak point. So as you might remember from this post about technic make up, I picked up one of their Monster Lash mascaras for £1.49 a […]

Are you a back-shelfer?


A basic but crafty little tip which many of us do but a huge number of us don’t par-take in is “back-shelfing”. “What on earth?” I can hear you cry across the fibre cables of the internet “what on earth is she talking about?” Back-shelfing is the simple process whereby once in a shop you […]